Stating the company was let down by a normally “secure and reputable” ticket supplier, President David Guenther defended his company today for failing to deliver dozens of orders for tickets to last month’s Beijing Olympics.

Canadian-based was one of the companies that struggled with filling some of its Olympic ticket orders, which led to several customers ending up without tickets for the Opening Ceremonies. was forced to issue refunds for tickets purchased that the company could not deliver.

“Roadtrips did not receive a number of Beijing Summer Games Opening Ceremony tickets from a supplier which, up until this incident, had been a secure and reputable source in North America,” Guenther said in a prepared statement. “Despite the late notice given to Roadtrips by this supplier, Roadtrips was able to provide many of the tickets that were promised for the event. In the end, less than 250 of Roadtrips’ 9000 Summer Games event tickets were affected. All affected clients received full refunds of the purchase price for the undelivered tickets.”

Guenther did not disclose which company was slated to supply with the tickets, nor did he say whether those customers were additionally compensated for travel expenses to China.

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Texas attorney James R. Moriarty, who was allegedly scammed out of Olympics tickets by a British outfit called Xclusive Tickets Ltd., is going after that company and the International Olympic Committee, and he has launched a Web site for aggrieved Olympics ticket buyers. On his site he lists as one of the sites where customers ordered tickets that were not delivered.

“Roadtrips is a reputable tour operator with a solid history of providing first class travel experiences,” Guenther said in a statement. “Any express or implied association with Xclusive Tickets or any other Beijing ticket scam is simply inaccurate and defamatory.”

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