Last week, the Boston Red Sox front office announced that they would be freezing all tickets for the 2009 season at 2008 prices. The Red Sox, who play at the smallest stadium in Major League Baseball in Fenway Park, are in the midst of a record 469 consecutive sell out streak despite having the highest priced tickets in the game.

Across all sports, teams and leagues are attempting to counteract the tough economic times with a variety of cost cutting measures. The National Football League recently announced they would be lowering post season ticket prices, while teams across baseball have announced either the freezing or lowering of their ticket prices.

“At a time when our fans are maybe feeling some kind of economic adversity, we should show some sensitivity to that at this time,” Larry Lucchino said to NECN. (See video below)

In addition, the Red Sox will also be adding 560 new seats to Fenway for the 2009 season and will be located on the right field roof.

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