TicketNews today released its exclusive top event rankings for the week ending December 21 and once again Wicked (8.62) and Britney Spears (2.90) dominate the Top Combined Events rankings. With Christmas only a few days away, ticket buyers gave the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (2.89) the number three spot. Theatre’s Jersey Boys follows with a 2.82 power score. AC/DC reenters the overall top ten at number eight (1.84), just ahead of another theatre show, the Lion King (1.68). Fleetwood Mac breaks into the top events rankings at number ten, power score 1.61.

According to these rankings the top concert, of course, belongs to Britney (8.62), but Elton John & Billy Joel also have a popular ticket that sees them at number three (7.12). The Eagles are at number four with a 6.77 power score. Nickelback slipped from number five to number seven (4.65) but still pulls ahead of Trans-Siberian Orchestra (3.76). Celtic Woman appears in these rankings for the first time, at number nine (3.20), just ahead of rapper Lil’ Wayne (3.01).

The BSC National Championship Bowl still ranks number one in the Top Sports Events rankings. The NBA’s Boston Celtics (4.31) and Los Angeles Lakers (3.60) rank at numbers two and three. The Dallas Cowboys slip to number four (3.17) and the Minnesota Vikings are back in the rankings at number five (2.47). The Cleveland Cavaliers make their debut at number right (2.23). After a brief hiatus, the New York Knicks (number nine, 2.14) and New York Rangers (number ten, 1.94) see themselves in the sports top ten again.

“Wicked” and “Jersey Boys” reign supreme in both the Top Broadway and Theatre Events rankings. The Phantom of the Opera proves itself a popular theatre show by ranking at number four (6.06) in the Top Theatre Events rankings. Other popular theatre shows include South Pacific (number five, 4.14), Dirty Dancing (number eight, 3.00), and Billy Elliot (number nine, 2.53). Top selling Broadway shows include Cirque du Soleil: Wintuk (number four, 7.76), Mamma Mia! (number seven, 3.42), and Shrek (number nine, 2.51).

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Bette Midler has Las Vegas’s top selling show and a 56.21 power score. Cher follows with a 15.76 power score. Cirque du Soleil: “O” (7.22) knocks Elton John: The Red Piano from the number three spot; he now sits at number four (6.27). David Copperfield leaps from number ten to number five (2.65). Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular ranks at number seven (1.12) and Donny & Marie Osmond are at number right (1.00). Cirque du Soleil: KÀ close out the Vegas top ten with a .66 power score.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given event’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare events within a particular category.

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Top Combined Events

Week Ending 12/21/2008

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets 8.62
2 Britney Spears Tickets 2.90
3 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets 2.89
4 Jersey Boys Tickets 2.82
5 Elton John & Billy Joel Tickets 2.40
6 The Eagles Tickets 2.28
7 BCS National Championship Bowl Tickets 1.95
8 AC/DC Tickets 1.84
9 Lion King Tickets 1.68
10 Fleetwood Mac Tickets 1.61

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 12/21/2008

      Event Score
1 Britney Spears Tickets 8.62
2 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets 7.99
3 Elton John & Billy Joel Tickets 7.12
4 The Eagles Tickets 6.77
5 AC/DC Tickets 5.46
6 Fleetwood Mac Tickets 4.79
7 Nickelback Tickets 4.65
8 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets 3.76
9 Celtic Woman Tickets 3.20
10 Lil’ Wayne Tickets 3.01

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 12/21/2008

      Event Score
1 BCS National Championship Bowl Tickets 5.24
2 Boston Celtics Tickets 4.31
3 Los Angeles Lakers Tickets 3.60
4 Dallas Cowboys Tickets 3.17
5 Minnesota Vikings Tickets 2.47
6 Boston Bruins Tickets 2.35
7 WWE Tickets 2.31
8 Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets 2.23
9 New York Knicks Tickets 2.14
10 New York Rangers Tickets 1.94

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 12/21/2008

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets 33.27
2 Jersey Boys Tickets 10.98
3 Lion King Tickets 6.48
4 Phantom of the Opera Tickets 6.06
5 South Pacific Tickets 4.14
6 The Nutcracker Tickets 3.67
7 Cirque du Soleil: Wintuk Tickets 3.21
8 Dirty Dancing Tickets 3.00
9 Billy Elliot Tickets 2.53
10 Mamma Mia! Tickets 1.72

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 12/21/2008

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets 23.89
2 Jersey Boys Tickets 13.10
3 South Pacific Tickets 10.00
4 Cirque du Soleil: Wintuk Tickets 7.76
5 Lion King Tickets 6.30
6 Billy Elliot Tickets 6.10
7 Mamma Mia! Tickets 3.42
8 La Bohème Tickets 2.78
9 Shrek Tickets 2.51
10 Little Mermaid Tickets 2.43

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 12/21/2008

      Event Score
1 Bette Midler Tickets 56.21
2 Cher Tickets 15.76
3 Cirque du Soleil: “O” Tickets 7.22
4 Elton John: The Red Piano Tickets 6.27
5 David Copperfield Tickets 2.65
6 Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE Tickets 2.24
7 Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular Tickets 1.13
8 Donny & Marie Osmond Tickets 1.00
9 Jersey Boys Tickets 0.93
10 Cirque du Soleil: KÀ Tickets 0.66