ShowClix, a recently launched Web site that allows promoters, venues and musicians to list their shows and sell tickets, has established the multi-million dollar Fair Ticketing Fund to help venues and event promoters to become independent of the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger.

Self-funded by ShowClix, the company has taken a portion of its budget for this year and set it aside to fund participants, ShowClix’s Lynsie Camuso told TicketNews. “Additionally, a portion of the monthly revenue generated from all of our clients will also be allocated to the fund. We’re hoping to distribute up to $5 million through the fund this year.”

Promoters and venues are among the live entertainment entities that could be adversely affected by the proposed merger, according to some of the testimony from a Congressional hearing Tuesday, February 24, on the planned deal.

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“The initial response has been tremendous,” she added. “We received inquiries from at least two-dozen venues and promoters in the first day alone. In addition to the great response we’re getting from potential participants, what’s been even more amazing is the response we’re getting from live music fans. People from all over the country are e-mailing us asking how they can help spread the word to get venues and promoters to participate.”

While the Fair Ticketing Fund was established specifically for venues and promoters who are in Ticketmaster contracts due to expire this year, any venue or promoter who wishes to become or remain independent may be eligible to receive funding. advertisement