With the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks recording one of their better seasons in the past 10 years, team officials recently began warning fans about possible counterfeit tickets being sold by street scalpers.

In a video report on WAGA-TV Fox 5 Atlanta, team Vice President Brendan Donohue said that since a lot of new fans this season are discovering the Hawks for the first time, many of them don’t know what their tickets look like, making them potential marks for scammers. See the video below.

The team is poised to make the playoffs again this year, which makes the prospect of avoiding counterfeit tickets all the more vital. Ticket resale is legal in Georgia, but local police are planning sting operations around the team’s arena to catch the cheats.

“We have a lot of fans trying out our product for the first time. They don’t know what our tickets look like, I can easily see being fooled by it,” Donohue told Fox 5 Atlanta.

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