Fenway Park in Boston, MA made a big move this week to take the top spot in TicketNews’s exclusive venues rankings for the week...

Fenway Park in Boston, MA made a big move this week to take the top spot in TicketNews’s exclusive venues rankings for the week ending Sunday, June 28. Fenway jumped three spots to claim the title of number one, toppling Citi Field from its leader position of last week. The Park benefited from two new August dates added to the Paul McCartney tour, which again decisively tops TicketNews’s Top Concert Events. Ticket sales for Fenway’s own Boston Red Sox stay strong and maintain the team at number two in TicketNews’s Top Sports Events rankings. Fenway Park power scores an impressive 4.88 this week.

The Gershwin Theatre in New York City held steady in the number two position this week, power scoring a 3.02. The Gershwin’s monster hit musical Wicked maintains robust ticket sales, once again topping Ticketnews’s Top Broadway Events, Top Theater Events and Top Combined Events rankings.

The new Yankee Stadium also held its place this week, keeping the number three spot locked up. With a power score of 2.30, the Stadium enjoys solid ticket sales for its New York Yankees, who once again claimed the number one spot in this week’s Top Sports Events rankings.

Fedex Field in Hyattsville, MD debuted on the list this week, coming in at number four with a power score of 2.09. Fedex Field will see a date on the Paul McCartney tour in August and one from U2 in September. The Field also is home turf to the Washington Redskins, currently selling tickets for their 2009 NFL preseason and season schedule.

Holding in place is a trend this week as the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY stayed in the number five position. In addition to top sellers Kenny Chesney and Aerosmith with ZZ Top, who played last week and helped the venue’s numbers, the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater also will host such summer acts as the Dave Matthews Band (at number seven in this week’s Top Concerts) for two dates in July. The Nikon at Jones Beach Theater power scored a 2.06 this week.

Citi Field in Flushing, NY made a precipitous drop this week, falling from last week’s number one position to number six in the current rankings. The very popular Paul McCartney tour will provide the first music performances ever scheduled at Citi Field in a three-date appearance this July. Citi Field is the newly built home to the New York Mets, whose strong ticket sales took them to the number four spot in this week’s Top Sports Events rankings. Citi Field power scored a 2.04 this week.

Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL, fell one spot this week, finishing in the number seven position with a power score of 1.78. Ticket sales for Chicago Cubs baseball kept the team strong in the Top Sports Events rankings this week, as the Cubs kept a firm grip on their third place finish of last week. Wrigley also will host two dates on the Elton John and Billy Joel tour, which moved into the number nine position in Top Concerts this week.

The Imperial Theatre in New York City dropped one this week to take the number eight spot in the rankings. The Imperial is home to the 2009 Tony Award winning musical Billy Elliot, which took the number two spot in this week’s Top Broadway Events rankings and number three in Top Broadway Events. The Imperial power scored a 1.42 this week.

Next, the Virginia/August Wilson Theatre returned to the top ten for the first time since November of 2008. The theater is long-time host to the musical Jersey Boys, which took third place in this week’s Top Broadway Events, second in Top Theater Events, and fourth in Top Combined Events.

The Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco, CA also made a return to the top ten this week after a three week hiatus. The Orpheum is home to a long-running west coast production of the hit musical Wicked, currently booked through September. The Orpheum had a power score of 1.29.

Sports stadiums and outdoor arenas once again rule the rankings. With the addition of the Virginia/August Wilson and Orpheum theaters, there are a total of four theater venues in the top ten this week.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales for venues from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given venue’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales for a venue, and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare venues within a particular category.

Top Venues

Week Ending 06/28/2009

1Fenway Park Tickets4.88
2Gershwin Theatre Tickets3.02
3New Yankee Stadium Tickets2.30
4Fedex Field Tickets2.09
5Nikon at Jones Beach Theater Tickets2.06
6Citi Field Tickets2.04
7Wrigley Field Tickets1.78
8Imperial Theatre – NY Tickets1.42
9Virginia/August Wilson Theatre – NY Tickets1.30
10Orpheum Theatre – San Francisco Tickets1.29
11Giants Stadium Tickets1.23
12Allstate Arena Tickets1.11
13Wachovia Center Tickets1.05
14Marcus Amphitheatre Tickets0.99
15Hollywood Bowl Tickets0.98
16Palace Theatre New York City Tickets0.96
17Busch Stadium Tickets0.92
18Arthur Ashe Stadium Tickets0.89
19Gillette Stadium Tickets0.87
20Metrodome Tickets0.85

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