Some hangovers are hard to get rid of, but in the case of Warner Bros. film “The Hangover”, that’s a good thing. The R-rated comedy about a bachelor party run amok wooed audiences for the second week in a row, earning $33.4 million and the number one slot for this past summer weekend, according to studio trackers Nielsen EDI.

Ticket buyers also turned out for the critically acclaimed Pixar animated film “Up”, which continued to pull on the heart strings of families across the nation. The PG-rated comedy about an elderly man and a boy on a fantastic adventure earned $30.5 million, good for second place in its third week out.

John Travolta and Denzel Washington teamed up for the remake of the 1974 action adventure about the hijacking of a New York subway. “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3” debuted with an even $25 million and a third place showing. The film is receiving thumbs up from many critics and has been praised as an apt retelling of the cult classic film, with Washington playing the down and out transit cop and Travolta the criminal mastermind who demands $10 million for a peaceful surrender of the train.

“Night at the Museum: The Battle of the Smithsonian” grabbed fourth place with $9.6 million and the Will Ferrell comedy “Land of the Lost” rounded out the top five with $9.15 million. These figures are estimates. Final figures are released Monday.

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Box Office Grosses
Week Ending June 14, 2009

Rank Title Weekend Total Gross
1 The Hangover (2009) $33.4M $105M
2 Up (2009) $30.5M $187M
3 The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009) $25M $25M
4 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009) $9.6M $143M
5 Land of the Lost (2009) $9.15M $35M
6 Imagine That (2009) $5.7M $5.7M
7 Star Trek (2009) $5.6M $232M
8 Terminator Salvation (2009) $4.7M $114M
9 Angels & Demons (2009) $4.2M $123M
10 Drag Me to Hell (2009) $3.86M $35.1M