On November 2, TicketNetwork.com launched the first of several upgrades to the Web site, focusing on increasing the value of the entertainment shopping experience for ticket buyers and pre- and post-event. See a screen shot of the new Web site below.

Every day consumers take further advantage of technological developments in electronic commerce, and with the integration of sophisticated shopping tools and social networks, buyers are provided with the ability to make smarter decisions. Shoppers who take advantage of such online developments can quickly compare prices, ask a loyal network of friends for advice and customize their shopping interface.

Historically, ticketing competitors have competed more on price and catchy slogans than on value, but according to Jon Rydberg, who has been responsible for developing TicketNetwork.com’s value innovation strategy, the changes to the site will further develop loyal ticket shoppers who seek greater value and an increase in the overall entertainment experience. TicketNetwork is the parent company of TicketNews.

According to Forrester Research, the secondary ticketing industry is growing at a rate of 12 percent annually, making it a $4 billion industry with more technology empowered consumers being added every day. TicketNetwork.com’s goal is to capitalize on such advancements and lead the industry as a provider of memorable entertainment experiences.

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The first upgrade focuses on the efficiency and aesthetics of the ticket shopping experience and the launch of TicketNetwork’s SportSaver and ShowSaver newsletters – two weekly communications that are customized based on customer interests. Future TicketNetwork enhancements may include robust search technology, an integrated social networking platform, fan-focused collaboration and enhanced consumer-to-consumer exchange opportunities.