Another group of ticket brokers is proposing to launch a new secondary ticket exchange, following a similar proposal launched last month by the principals...

Another group of ticket brokers is proposing to launch a new secondary ticket exchange, following a similar proposal launched last month by the principals of Golden Tickets.

The unnamed Web site, which is discussed in an email sent out recently to several brokers, claims to be preparing to go live some time in the next “few weeks,” though no specific date was announced. Also withheld is the identity of the principals behind the effort.

“We are a group of brokers who seek to be anonymous at this time. To ensure the success of this organization we must be an underground organization for the short term,” the group wrote in the email.

TicketNews sent emails seeking information on the proposal to the address listed, but the messages were not returned. Several brokers who spoke to TicketNews questioned the creditability and veracity of the most recent proposal, due to the anonymous nature of the email.

In the proposal, the group offers a spate of free services for brokers, such as free Web site set up and free point-of-sale software, but provides no information who will provide customer service, create seating maps ensure universal ticket exchange listings and other features.

Also absent from the initiative is how it will be paid for, and what type of fees brokers or customers would be charged.

“Our primary mission is not here to enforce rules or setup standards for brokers. There are many laws and organization that do this already. We are here to ensure the survival of real ticket brokers,” the proposal states, adding that the ticket industry is highly monopolized to the detriment of brokers.

The recent initiative by Ram Silverman and Steve Parry of Golden Tickets arose following a dispute with TicketNetwork, a ticket exchange where Golden Tickets listed inventory, though Silverman said they had been considering the plan for years. The plan seeks contributions of $10,000 or more from hundreds of brokers to fund it.

Golden Tickets also sent out a questionnaire last week to several brokers looking for information about what exchanges the brokers use.

Currently, four exchanges sit atop much of the secondary ticket market, StubHub, TicketNetwork, TicketsNow (owned by Ticketmaster and Live Nation Entertainment), and RazorGator. Both the Golden Tickets and new unnamed initiative seek to add more competition to the marketplace.

“Any type of legitimate board created by knowledgeable people that creates additional competition will only serve in the brokers best interests,” broker Steve Lichtman, owner of Prestige Entertainment, told TicketNews.

“In the current environment the reliance we all have on StubHub and TicketNetwork is uncomfortable to say the least, and I believe we would all welcome reasonable alternatives. Unfortunately, the barrier to entry in this space is much more significant than it was a few years ago and very few people have the understanding and dollars to pull it off. Hopefully one of these upstarts or one of the others I’ve been hearing about will be able to pull it off,” he added.

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