Fanvenues is ready to launch the product that’s been in alpha and beta testing for the past several months, and that launch happens at...

Fanvenues is ready to launch the product that’s been in alpha and beta testing for the past several months, and that launch happens at this year’s Ticket Summit and World Ticket Conference 2010.

Fanvenues’ 3D interactive maps were created in order to give consumers the most information possible regarding their seating options when purchasing tickets online. In contrast to the 2D maps in general use by sellers today, Fanvenues 3D maps allow buyers to view the perspective from each seat they click on, seeing a simulation of the view (built with Google Earth open-source software) from that seat as if the buyer were there in the venue.

“What most ticket buyers see now are simple static 2D maps accompanied with lengthy ticket listings,” explains Wesley Oxenham, Chief Operations Officer of Peekspy Pte. Ltd., the company behind Fanvenues. The 3D image-enhanced maps provide more visual and spatial information for potential buyers, allowing them to virtually “sit” in any number of available seats before making a choice on which ticket to buy.

Through the product’s Full Screen feature, fans have the ability to purchase tickets directly from the map view. They also can use the maps to compare prices of different seats, each complete with a mini-3D view, in the same window. Sellers can use the Best Deals feature to display their best ticket deals directly on the maps.

The maps and 3D images are available as a stand alone product; alternatively, the images may be integrated with a seller’s own 2D interactive maps.

Although Fanvenues’ maps have only been in testing to this point, Oxenham notes that achieved a 50 percent conversion rate after beta testing the new product. The maps were also spotted on Seatwave’s ticket exchange website as of October 2009.

Though the maps are presently compatible with mobile devices, Fanvenues’ goal for the near future is to offer apps specifically for mobile use. Ongoing developments “are great in that sector”, says Oxenham. “We intend to launch two apps for ticket sellers for the Apple iPhone and iPad. Our developers are working on creating the best user interface out there, which will make ticket buying as easy and simple as possible, with amazing graphics.”

And there is more to come from Fanvenues in the area of mobile ticket purchasing. Oxenham reported that the company is in talks with a leading mobile company to develop additional products, but he declined to discuss specifics due to the company’s non-disclosure agreements. “Very exciting things are yet to come, especially in the mobile landscape. The ticketing industry is definitely shifting to mobile platforms.”

Peekspy Pte. Ltd. was launched in May of 2008 by Oxenham, his brother Oliver, who is Chief Technical Officer, and Paymon Rasekhy, Chief Executive Officer. The three created Peekspy to explore the possibilities of 3D mapping for visually enriching the web experience.