Digital ticketing company Veritix, which already has deals with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets, among others, has signed a multi-year agreement to provide ticketing solutions for Dover Motorsports, owners of the Dover International Speedway in Delaware.

Veritix will provide both primary and secondary paperless ticketing services as a part of the deal, and it marks the company’s first contract with a racetrack that hosts a NASCAR event. NASCAR is the nation’s most popular racing league, so signing with one of its tracks could be a boon to the ticketing company.

The number of years of the deal, and the financial terms, were not disclosed. In addition to Dover International Speedway, Dover Motorsports also owns Gateway International Raceway and Nashville Superspeedway.

“Dover Motorsports is one of the racing industry’s premier track operators and event promoters and we look forward to enhancing the fan experience by providing a convenient, secure ticketing solution,” Bobby Whitson, director of sales for Veritix, said in a statement.

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Guy Villa, Veritix’s vice president of sales, told TicketNews that the company expects to phase in the paperless ticketing system over about a three-year period. Fans will still be able to receive traditional paper tickets for a while, but Villa expects that will change in the future as fans become comfortable with the technology and Dover Motorsports ramps up the initiative.

“They’re big believers in the collection of fan data,” Villa said of Dover Motorsports.

Due to the weak economy, NASCAR ticket sales have slumped over the past two years, and the racing league and individual tracks have looked at various promotions and cost-cutting moves to help their bottom lines. While costs of the Veritix system were not disclosed, because the deal involves both primary and secondary ticketing, Dover Motorsports stands to collect revenue for both initial ticket sales, and when fans resell their tickets.

“Digital ticketing continues to grow as fans discover how easy it is to buy, sell and transfer seats and to enter an arena without having to worry about paper tickets,” Whitson added. “Much like digital ticketing in the airline industry, digital ticketing in sports and entertainment is poised for explosive growth.”

Fans who purchase tickets through Veritix’s Flash Seats system use a credit card or magnetized ID at the gate to gain entry to the event. They can also transfer the ticket to anyone via email or the company’s Web site.

“Our goal is to give our customers a well-rounded, fan friendly experience, and that starts with the ticket purchasing process. With Veritix, we’re confident that their services will improve our customer service abilities,” Mark Rossi, vice president of sales and marketing for Dover Motorsports, said in a statement.

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