PRESS RELEASE: “Ticket Tailor Allows People to Sell Tickets On-Line without Paying Booking Fees” London, ENG (Ticket Tailor) January 4, 2011 – Ticket Tailor...

PRESS RELEASE: “Ticket Tailor Allows People to Sell Tickets On-Line without Paying Booking Fees”

London, ENG (Ticket Tailor) January 4, 2011 – Ticket Tailor ( is a new service that offers all the tools needed to sell tickets on-line so that venues, promoters and bands can sell tickets direct and keep any booking fees they wish to set.

The Internet has revolutionised many sectors by making things easier, cheaper and more accessible. People have become more savvy and are always looking for the best deal. This has thrown traditional business models up in the air and businesses are having to be more customer-focused and cost-effective than ever.

The ticketing industry is a very competitive space and has improved with e-tickets and a wider reach but the model is still the same as it was ten years ago.

The industry standard booking-fee is 10% of the face value and quite often there is a transaction charge on top. On two £10 tickets a customer might be expected to pay up to £4 in fees in order to buy an e-ticket. If a venue sells 100 tickets at £10 it will have cost them (or their customers) £400 in fees. Ticket Tailor allows the organiser to set and keep their own booking fees.

“No one enjoys paying booking fees and with the current industry model it’s outside of the event organisers’ control. Ticket Tailor allows the organiser to gain control of the costs and charge their customers what they feel is fair.” says Lee Taylor, a developer at Ticket Tailor.

“We recently started using Ticket Tailor and it works really well. This is mainly down to the fact that you are in total control of selling tickets and can keep the booking fee, particularly useful if you put on multiple events week in, week out.” says Richard Buller from The Brickhouse on Brick Lane, London.

A big problem in the industry is spoof agents popping up and stealing people’s money. With Ticket Tailor organisations can sell direct from their website so customers know they are buying from a genuine provider. The buying experience is tightly customised with the website style, making it a pleasant buying experience.

A little bit about how Ticket Tailor works:

– Packages range from free to £75 / month with a free 14 day trial period. Setup is also free.
– Our clients can accept payments by PayPal and this lands directly into their own accounts (PayPal transaction fees apply).
– Promoters can set their own booking fees if they wish and keep the markup.
– E-tickets are delivered by email and optionally SMS.
– Website widgets and Facebook applications keep listings up to date automatically.
– Everyone gets their own web address.

A simplified mobile interface makes it easy to sell tickets to customers using the mobile web.

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