PRESS RELEASE: “Vendini Signs Over 300 Venues in 2010” SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Vendini) January 12, 2011 – The deal-closing bell in Vendini’s San Francisco...

PRESS RELEASE: “Vendini Signs Over 300 Venues in 2010”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Vendini) January 12, 2011 – The deal-closing bell in Vendini’s San Francisco offices chimed constantly in 2010 ‐ 304 times to be exact. By focusing on meeting the needs of its customers – the majority of which require reserved seating ‐ Vendini has become one of the fastest growing ticketing services for organizations of all sizes, luring popular entertainment venues away from well-known ticketing giants like Ticketmaster.

Vendini provides a dependable, easy-to-use solution for ticketing, marketing, and fundraising, all in a single web-based system. Some of the nation’s top performing arts centers, concert venues, and sports arenas are now reaping the benefits of this full-featured system, to boost promotions and allow easy management of ticket sales. Because Vendini provides a fully integrated solution, venues like Irvine Barclay Theatre & Cheng Hall have signed on to use the service to handle their large volume of annual ticket sales.

“I’m incredibly proud of our team’s accomplishments in 2010,” says Vendini founder Mark Tacchi. “This past year, we’ve seen significant growth with venues of all sizes. Larger organizations are waking up and seeing that they can slash operations costs by switching to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform —while small and mid-sized organizations are enjoying the benefits of a feature-rich system that’s accessible from anywhere at anytime.”

Among Vendini’s top deals this year include the University of North Alabama Athletics, which relies on the system to ticket high-demand football games, and San Francisco’s historic Rrazz Room, which uses Vendini to power ticketing for its top cabaret acts. Vendini offers organizations like these the luxury of hassle-free ticket sales, especially when intense demand causes thousands of buyers to attempt to purchase tickets all at the same time.

Vendini’s customers couldn’t be happier ‐ not only are they getting a solution that is easy to use, but they are also increasing their profits. For example, by the end of its first year with Vendini, Arena Houston, a 2,800-seat reserved seating concert venue, increased annual profits by $500,000 over its previous earnings with Ticketmaster, and has since handed over its entire ticketing operation to Vendini.

“We’ve been hard at work making a system that can handle the high-volume and high-demand sales with all the bells and whistles,” explains Tacchi. “The fact that we’ve competed in and won so many large deals this year is the market’s testament to the serious horsepower we’ve got behind the scenes and our ability to support the needs of our customers.”

The sales bell will keep on ringing in 2011, as more entertainment venues discover Vendini and its ability to revolutionize their business.

Mark Tacchi founded Vendini in 2001, together with a team dedicated to bringing mega-venue technology to venues of all sizes in the entertainment industry. The company counts many top arts, sports, and concert venues among its customers. Vendini’s corporate headquarters is located in San Francisco, with offices in Beverly Hills and Boston. The company website is located at


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