PRESS RELEASE: “Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals Select Qcue for Dynamic Pricing”

AUSTIN, Texas (BUSINESS WIRE) January 20, 2011 – Qcue, the dynamic pricing engine for live entertainment, today announced the Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals will use Qcue to implement dynamic ticket pricing for the 2011 Major League Baseball season. The A’s and Cardinals will leverage Qcue’s proven solution to set better prices up front and adjust to shifting demand as real-time sales data and market conditions change. These MLB teams add to Qcue’s growing customer base of professional sports franchises and further expand Qcue’s position as the most widely deployed dynamic pricing solution on the market today.

“Our number one goal is to provide our fans with the best values possible and fill the stands at Busch Stadium”

“Fans are looking for a memorable experience, and our marquee match-ups represent some of the best live entertainment in the business,” said Steve Fanelli, executive director of ticket sales and operations for the Oakland A’s. “Dynamic pricing is a win-win for the team and the Oakland A’s community. It gives us the flexibility to adjust ticket prices to better match the fan experience, and to draw more fans to the ballpark to see some of baseball’s top teams play each other.”

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“Our number one goal is to provide our fans with the best values possible and fill the stands at Busch Stadium,” said Joe Strohm, vice president of ticket sales for the St. Louis Cardinals. “Qcue’s solution not only gives us greater day-to-day ticket pricing flexibility but also broadens the ticket-buying fan base, rewards fans for buying earlier in the season and protects season ticket holder value.”

Qcue’s software-based turnkey solution helps teams analyze sales data and other external pricing variables, providing sales and revenue projections, strong reporting capabilities as well as market-based price recommendations. Additionally, integration capabilities remove the management burden teams often face by directly communicating price changes to their ticketing system, With Qcue, thousands of price changes take just a few minutes.

“With sports, market conditions are constantly changing. However innovative teams are using this to their advantage, employing intelligent pricing and inventory management platforms to quickly adapt and provide greater value to their fans,” said Eric Freeland, vice president of business development for Qcue. “We’re looking forward to a great season with both of these clubs, bringing more fans to the game to experience professional baseball.”

Qcue’s software is currently being used by teams across multiple professional sports leagues, including Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and NASCAR.

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