Matthew Lombardo’s new drama “High” opened April 19 at Booth Theatre. But the Great White Way has proved to be a revolving door for...

Matthew Lombardo’s new drama “High” opened April 19 at Booth Theatre. But the Great White Way has proved to be a revolving door for the show, which will exit just as quickly as it entered.

Due to mixed critical reviews and on-going box office troubles, the Rob Ruggiero-helmed production will close April 24. News of the early shutter was announced this afternoon, April 20.

Kathleen Turner stars as Sister Jamison “Jamie” Connelly, a tough-talking nun and recovering alcoholic who counsels addicts at a church-run rehab center. For reasons of his own, Father Michael Delpapp (Stephen Kunken) has assigned Sister Jamie to the difficult case of Cody Randall (Evan Jonigkeit), a 19-year-old street hustler and heroin addict.

Sister Jamie initially resists, questioning whether Cody would be better off under state treatment. But when she finally delves into the case and tries to lead him to redemption, Cody’s dark past and the secrets of all three characters slowly come to light.

Previews began March 25 at the 799-seat playhouse, where “High” has struggled with low attendance. Audiences hit a low of just 51 percent capacity during the week ending April 10, though the Broadway League’s numbers show a rebound (and production high) of 79 percent capacity the very next week.

Regular ticket prices range from $61.50 to $111.50, with premium seat options set at $176.50 and $251.50. Despite having a weekly potential of more than $500,000, “High” has brought in well under $100,000 each week, for a total gross of just $343,932 so far, according to the Broadway League.

Last season, Lombardo and Ruggiero had their Broadway debuts as writer and director, respectively, with the Tallulah Bankhead bio “Looped.” The production, which starred Valerie Harper, also struggled at the box office and shuttered early as a result.

“High” runs two hours, including an intermission. Evening performances are staged at 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; matinees are 2 p.m. on Wednesday and Saturday, and 3 p.m. on Sunday. Booth Theatre is located at 222 West 45th Street in New York, NY.

Opening Night: “High”

Publication Critic Review
Variety Marilyn Stasio “…a trashy melodrama…”
New York Times Charles Isherwood “[Turner’s] performance…is funny, consistently entertaining and at times satisfyingly hammy.”
Hollywood Reporter David Rooney “…tritely sensational movie-of-the-week plotting and boilerplate construction…”
New York Daily News Joe Dziemianowicz “[Turner’s] work is credible, clean and honest. Even when ‘High’ isn’t.”
New York Post Elisabeth Vincentelli “Indeed, ‘High’ has twists and revelations, but no suspense. “
NY Magazine Scott Brown “…this intervention melodrama manages to establish itself as far and away the campiest panoply of nunsense now onstage.”