A Nebraska family who thought they had been ripped off after they bought Sugarland tickets that were never delivered from a local broker may be lucking out.

The Girard family of Peru, NE, paid $250 to Omaha-based VIP Tickets Midwest for three tickets to see an upcoming show by the popular country band and were supposed to have received the tickets weeks ago.

When the tickets never arrived, they tried to contact the broker only to discover it had closed down, even removing the sign from the door of its office. According to television station WOWT-TV, the area Better Business Bureau has more than 30 complaints against the company. (See video below.)

“It upsets me that we may have to disappoint [our son Josh] and not get to go because we’re teachers paying for the tickets twice. We may not be able to do that,” Becky Girard, Josh’s mom who bought the tickets as a gift for her son, told WOWT-TV.

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The situation may have a happy ending, however. After the report was aired about it, the station received a letter from an unnamed attorney representing the defunct brokerage claiming the company was going to make good on the tickets.

“VIP Tickets Midwest recently ceased regular operations due to external events beyond its control,” the attorney wrote. “The owner of VIP Tickets regrets any disappointment caused by its inability to complete placed orders, timely or otherwise. Today’s [July 27] article references Sugarland tickets purchased by Ms. Girard for herself, her son and husband. VIP Tickets Midwest is sending Ms. Girard all ordered tickets today. The seats will be closer to the stage than ordered at no additional charge.”

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