PRESS RELEASE: “ShoWare Launches Mobile Ticketing and Ticketing Kiosk: Innovative new offerings utilize latest technology to help drive ticket sales by creating greater convenience for patrons”

Fresno, CA (ShoWare) January 18, 2012 — ShoWare™ by VisionOne, Inc. today announced two new innovative additions to its ticketing software system, including the introduction of mobile ticketing and a ticketing kiosk product. The latest offerings mark another milestone for ShoWare, which was the first to introduce Facebook ticketing in 2010, and remains at the forefront of introducing pioneering technology solutions to help facilities and event planners sell tickets.

ShoWare’s mobile ticketing feature allows patrons to order, pay for, obtain and validate tickets from any location at any time using mobile devices. ShoWare’s mobile tickets reduce the production and distribution costs connected with traditional paper-based ticketing channels while increasing customer convenience by providing new and simple ways to purchase tickets for events.

The new ShoWare Kiosk allows for the purchase of tickets and the pick-up of will call tickets, both of which are completely integrated with the venues’ ShoWare ticketing system and inventory. Venues using the new Kiosk can provide online purchase of tickets with pick-up from the device by simply swiping a credit card or entering the order identification. ShoWare’s new Kiosk interface also makes purchasing tickets quick and easy with state-of-the art hardware.

“These latest introductions in the ShoWare ticketing platform are one more example of our commitment to helping our clients drive more sales,” said Joseph Wettstead, Vice President Sales and Marketing for ShoWare by VisionOne, Inc. “Both of these technology advancements create streamlined processes for patrons to purchase tickets while also allowing for greater efficiencies in the sales and fulfillment of ticketing.”

The ShoWare mobile ticketing platform and kiosk will be on display at the INTIX 33rd Annual Conference & Exhibition, January 17-19, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas. More information is also available at