Vendini gains approval of Nevada Gaming Commission Vendini gains approval of Nevada Gaming Commission
Vendini, the largest cloud-based ticketing company in the country, announced that they are the first company of their kind to receive approval from the... Vendini gains approval of Nevada Gaming Commission

Vendini, the largest cloud-based ticketing company in the country, announced that they are the first company of their kind to receive approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) allowing any Nevada gaming establishment with entertainment venues to use the ticketing company’s broad-based software, making the ticketing process easier so that more time can be dedicated to the customer experience.

“We’ve got great solutions that all kinds of other venues have been benefitting from for years, and this is now a huge opportunity for the casinos to see the same kinds of advantages in their businesses that these other venues have been seeing,” said Mark Tacchi, founder and CEO of Vendini, in a recent email to TicketNews.

The company’s cloud-based platform will help casinos manage the entire ticketing process including ticket sales, marketing, tax reporting, and customer service, helping them to increase their revenue. It will also streamline the ticket buying process for consumers.

According to Tacchi, Vendini’s system will offer the casinos automatic promoter reports from the box office, Live Entertainment Tax (LET) handling, group sales and invoicing, players club compensation reports, at-the-door upgrades, and alerts to provide guests with a more personalized experience.

Vendini’s mobile ticketing applications turn an iPad or iPhone into a mobile box office, making it easy for organizers to manage every ticketing aspect of their event from anywhere. It also allows for tickets on smartphones to be scanned at the door, eliminating the need for paper tickets. The application also makes things easier for a guest who may have lost of forgot their ticket.

Vendini’s software will also automatically notify key staff members of the casino via text message when and if a VIP enters the event so that they can seamlessly maintain superior customer service and provide their guest with the ultimate VIP experience.

Casino executives have described the ticketing company’s platform as the easiest to use in the industry. “Vendini’s system is light years ahead of the competition,” said Ray Wolf of Wolf Theater at the Clarion Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in a June 26 press release from Vendini. “Beyond its ticketing expertise, Vendini is exceptional in its capabilities in handling broker invoicing, settling commissions, tracking Live Entertainment Taxes and providing a complete financial picture of each show.”

In February TicketNews discussed Vendini’s new mobile ticketing capabilities which allows clients to take full advantage of the ticketing company’s self-service design with access to data from anywhere with internet access. In addition to their mobile box office and ticketing applications, Vendini also introduced a program that allows venues to create a QR code that consumers can then scan from a website or advertisement in order to purchase tickets.

In addition to the mobile ticketing features, Vendini is PCI level 1 certified in terms of its security compliance and is able to handle the sensitive data that casinos deal with on a daily basis. The cloud-based system allows data to be stored off-site in a highly secure environment.

Vendini’s system will ultimately help casino entertainment venues to increase revenue by allowing them to sell tickets from anywhere at any time, track ticket sales, and adapt marketing efforts based on this data.

Founder and CEO Tacchi said in a press release that Vendini’s social media and email marketing solutions are a good fit for casinos where the focus is on providing customers with world-class entertainment and much of their success is based on spreading the word.

“Our customers tell us that we have made it easier for them to focus on their customers,” said Tacchi.