Leading online ticketing innovator Flavorus has added flex passes and multi-attraction ticketing to their arsenal of tools available for event organizers. The new features will provide users with flexibility for season performance events or events that span over several weeks or months.

Todd Sims, CEO of Flavorus told TicketNews via email that the latest features will be useful to clients in many different markets who will likely find several creative ways to use the tools. “The initial demand for these features came from our fair, haunted attraction and amusement park clients,” said Sims. “While these types of users are the ones most likely to use the new features at first, we feel that these applications will have a broader appeal to all of the verticals we serve. Any event organizer who wants to create a unique way for their customers to experience their event is able to use this functionality,” he added.

Sims explained that while other ticketing systems do offer similar functionality, Flavorus’ products are elegantly designed and work the way an event organizer wants with the reliability they expect. Most flex passes are simply a ticket with a set start date and stop time, but Flavorus’ flex passes give users more options.

According to a recent press release, Flavorus’ flex passes allow event organizers to create and customize multiple types of long-term passes with the ability to set restrictions and blackout dates. Organizers can choose the number of days the ticket will be valid, number of times a ticket can be used, and set automatic blackout dates and restrictions.

ticketflipping provides valuable tools for ticket resale professionals

Organizers can now control access to multiple attractions within the same event using Flavorus’ multi-attraction pass. This feature allows users to set a specific number of tickets that can be sold. Also, the same ticket will allow access to some attractions, but will prevent access to other attractions that were not selected in the purchase.

Additionally, organizers can view real-time statistics that tell them which attractions are the most popular or have seen the most traffic.

Flavorus’ suite of products includes box office solutions, multiple ticket options, mobile ticketing, assigned seating, built-in social networking tools, custom-built website with free hosting, easy-to-use SEO and much more — best of all, Flavorus does not charge their clients any fees to sell tickets with them.

Flavorus does not charge organizers any hidden fees or setup costs and customers pay just a small fee plus processing when they sell a ticket — free events do not cost the organizer anything at all. Clients pay 2.5 percent plus $.50 when using Flavorus’ built-in payment processing. Sellers can also choose to use their own merchant account, PayPal, or Google Checkout.

The ticketing company recently launched Jetstream, an application capable of processing 150,000 tickets in 10 seconds per event, a feature that is unmatched in the ticketing industry, according to Flavorus’ website. The app, which uses Windows’ Azure Cloud technology, addresses the need for technology that can prevent online ticketing platforms from crashing.

In keeping with their philosophy, Flavorus created the flex passes and multi-attraction passes to give their clients new, creative ways to reach customers. “Life’s better when people get out there and experience new things” is Flavorus’ philosophy according Sims. “Flex passes and multi-attraction ticketing gives our clients new and unique ways to engage their customers and allow them to do exactly that.”