TicketForce, a powerful web-based ticketing system, announced the release of a fully-customized mobile ticketing platform that allows TicketForce clients to provide their customers with an easy way to purchase tickets, all from their own custom ticketing page.

According to a press release announcing the feature, most ticketing platforms offer their clients a generic mobile-optimized site that looks the same for each venue and often features the logo of the ticketing platform rather than the venue. TicketForce’s customized sites allow the venue to seamlessly integrate the buying process into their own website — ticket sales will be made via a private level site at yourname.ticketforce.com.

TicketForce claims that over 20 percent of traffic to websites is from a mobile device and 50 percent of consumers will not follow through with a purchase if the site is not mobile optimized.

TicketForce CEO Lynne King Smith told TicketNews via email that the company’s client-branded mobile site keeps the relationship between the venue and the buyer, and eliminates the need for a middleman, or ticket agency when it comes to the ticketing interface.

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“Our competitors have the technology, but they are not listening to what the venues want, and that is customer branded mobile sites…not sites that direct the buyer back to the provider’s site,” said King Smith in a recent press release. “Whether our client is a small theater, a large concert venue or a sports arena, each has a desire to capture their individual customer on their own website to increase and measure their traffic. This solution allows them to have control.”

With TicketForce’s mobile ticketing solution, customers are redirected to the venue’s mobile site to purchase tickets directly from their smartphone. After the purchase, the buyer will receive a mobile-optimized barcode that acts as their ticket into the show. The barcode is a win-win for everyone — the eventgoer no longer needs to wait in long lines to purchase tickets and the venue will save on costs associated with the production and distribution of traditional paper tickets.

King Smith told TicketNews that the mobile ticketing solution is “simply a must.” She added, “In the palm of your hand, you can arrive at an event, skip the last minute lines or will call lines and buy your ticket in a few clicks. An optimized barcode on that same device gets you access immediately. Long will call and ticket lines are a thing of the past.”

According to their website, the setup cost for TicketForce’s customized mobile ticketing solution is $1500 and includes SSL, Payment Gateway, design and training, and one year of support. TicketForce also offers full-service ticketing solutions, Facebook ticketing, ticketing scanning solutions, and marketing tools.

King Smith told TicketNews that the customized mobile ticketing solution is a logical next step for the company because it is a sustainable, necessary tool. “We are always pushing the mark to keep technologies that make sense at the top of our offerings…we push the mark, but we don’t chase after things that make no sense just to make some noise,” King Smith told TicketNews.

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