Ticketfly, a leading cloud-based social ticketing platform, recently released an infographic showing that electronic dance music (EDM) fans are more likely to use social media to purchase tickets than fans of other live entertainment venues.

According to the infographic, social media drives six times more ticket sales for EDM events. More and more promoters are connecting with fans using social media and at the same time, an increasing number of consumers are using social media to discover events and purchase tickets. Fans also share the event and their purchase with friends, which lead to additional sales.

Ticketfly’s infographic also shows that social media drives two times more ticket sales than a search, because most EDM fans discover events based on recommendations received via social media and purchase tickets directly from the social site without ever using a search engine to find tickets. Typically, a search engine drives five times more ticket sales than social media. According to Ticketfly, only 13 percent of EDM purchases are made via a search compared to 23 percent for other live events.

EDM fans not only like being social, they are also constantly connected to their mobile devices – according to Ticketfly, Facebook on mobile devices drives three times more sales for EDM events. Further capturing the social nature of EDM fans, Ticketfly’s findings also show that because of the communal qualities of an EDM event, dance music fans are less inclined to ask a friend to attend in advance of the event, which leads to them purchasing fewer tickets per order.

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Additional findings show that males make 70 percent of EDM tickets purchases; however, 58 percent and 64 percent of Facebook and Twitter users, respectively, are female.

“The data we’ve uncovered shows that the influence and importance of social media in the EDM space can’t be overstated,” Gannon Hall, CMO of Ticketfly, told TicketNews via email. “At Ticketfly, we’ve always been focused on providing innovative social media tools that drive incremental revenue for our venues and promoters, so we’re thrilled to be a part of a space where social sharing rivals word of mouth. We have a lot of electronic music fans here at Ticketfly, and we look forward to seeing what’s to come for EDM artists, promoters, fans and the industry as a whole.”

As EDM venues recognize the importance of utilizing social media to sell more tickets, many have turned to Ticketfly to handle all of their social ticketing needs. Most recently, Ticketfly has added several new EDM promoters and venues like Prime Social Group, Lights All Night, Winter Circle Productions, Buku Music & Art Project, Art of Electronica, Monday Social, and Ampersand to their already impressive roster.

Based on their findings, Ticketfly suggests that EDM promoters and venues embrace social media by enabling fans to purchase tickets directly from their phones and making social sharing simple. Ticketfly offers several social ticketing tools like automated social marketing, which allows promoters to automatically publish and promote events on Facebook and Twitter; and social sharing, which allows the fans to promote the event through integrated social sharing tools. The social ticketing platform also offers Facebook ticketing and mobile ticketing features.

TicketNews recently discussed Ticketfly’s rapid expansion in the Los Angeles market, representing a 400 percent increase in the platform’s overall customer base in the region, many of which include EDM clients.

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