After a quite pitiful season for the Detroit Tigers, they host their last series at Comerica Park this weekend against the Minnesota Twins- three games that will have virtually no effect on their second-to-last League standing. Bad news for Tigers fans: their team sucks. Good news: their tickets are dirt cheap. Like $3-$5 for upper deck seats cheap.

The team is already getting dragged pretty relentlessly across the internet- with headlines like “Detroit Tigers tickets are absurdly cheap on StubHub now that they stink” and “You’ve got $3, do you buy a Detroit Tigers ticket or a couple of tacos?“- so we will try to take it easy on the poor Tigers.

After all, general manager Al Aliva even sent season ticket holders a long, candid letter in the mail essentially apologizing for the team’s poor performance. “Needless to say, it’s been a difficult season”, Avila admits to fans. “We want to win just as much as you do, and 2017 has been frustrating for all of us for all of us in the organization”.

Along with ticket prices, numbers in attendance, TV, and radio ratings have all dropped. Attendance at Comerica Park this season will be the lowest since 2005. This may be largely in part to the team trading away some of their biggest assets and most well-known players- J.D. Martinez, Justin Verlander and Justin Upton. Avila addresses this in his letter by explaining that the team is taking a more “home-grown approach” to their roster, “spending and investing significant resources in player development”. He basically begs for Detroit fans’ patience as the team attempts rebuild after a very rough year. Their record stands at 62-91.

The Tiger’s final home games take place tonight at 7:10 PM, tomorrow at 6:10 PM, and Sunday at 12:10 PM versus the Minnesota twins. Upper-level seats will cost you between $3-$10, depending how close you get, and you can find seats in the lower-level pavilion, infield, and outfield sections for $11-$25, depending on the field position and the day. Sunday’s seats appear to be cheapest.

Spare a few bucks to support a struggling team and enjoy the first days of fall at the ballpark; check out the super cheap no-fee prices for this weekend’s Tigers games at Ticket Club.