Sia kicked off an Australian tour last night at AAMI Stadium in Melbourne, but the unconventional show left her fans debating over whether they got what they paid for.

Sia has always been just that -unconventional. In a culture that breeds both obsession with and entitlement to every detail of celebrity’s lives, the pop star goes out of her way to stay private, letting the focus remain on her songwriting and vocals. In fact, it may be her privacy for which she is most well known, donning a signature oversized wig that covers her face during live appearances and performances.

Arguably, Sia has not always been so reserved. While she has always been committed to the visual aspect of her art and creating a holistic, theatrical performance that isn’t “just a song”, her previous performances have been more interactive. In the early 2010’s, though, Sia halted all scheduled events and shows due to her health. She was open about her mental health and addiction issues, and announced she would potentially retire from singing altogether and focus on songwriting (she’s written for almost every pop star you can think of, from Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera to Rihanna and Beyoncé), but compromised with a balance of continuing to sing her own music but staying as low-profile as possible.

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Despite this notorious reservedness, some fans were surprised at just how absent from the spotlight she was at her own concert. Attendees say that the main spectacle of the show was prerecorded sound and video on projectors, and that the stage was dominated by young dancer Maddie Ziegler, who rose to fame on Lifetime’s reality show “Dance Moms” and shortly after, was recruited by Sia to star in her music videos and now, on her tour. Fans say Sia stood towards the back and to the side of the stage, in an unlit area.

Sia performs again tomorrow night, December 2 at Allianz Stadium in Sydney and finishes the tour on December 5 at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand. advertisement