Google Pay, who have integrated with Ticketmaster, will now be able to store concert tickets, allowing customers to save tickets directly to their phone with the touch of a button.

Earlier this year, Google Pay announced that it would combine Google Wallet and Android Pay under the brand name of Google Pay, to compete with their competitor, Apple Pay. Ticketmaster is integrated with Apple Pay as well, which can already store concert tickets.

“Our goal at Google Pay is to make transactions as seamless and functional as possible for consumers,” Pali Bhat, vice-president of payments products at Google, said. “Digitising users’ wallets and creating rich experiences that leverage Google’s great assets brings us one step closer to that goal.”

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This new addition to Google Pay will now make the experience of dealing with concert tickets even easier; concertgoers don’t need to print out their tickets or even open up the app used to purchase tickets – it’s all stored in the Google Wallet. The process will save time when entering the event, and will ensure that there is no fraudulent activity happening with the ticket.

Google has teamed up with the digital marketing firm Urban Airship to “create streamlined and engaging ticketing and boarding pass experiences.” The firm explained that these mobile wallets will unlock a new level of convenience for users and will send real-time updates to the phone’s lockscreen, The Ticketing Business News reports.

The company has also collaborated with Eventbrite to automatically update the mobile ticket if an event changes or details differ last minute. If an opening act changes or the start/end time is pushed back, the ticket will automatically update. This could be an entire new age of ticketing – where companies create personalized mobile tickets that are able to be distributed digitally. Instead of scanning QR codes to gain entry into an event, Google Pay will integrate with the phone’s NFC chip, allowing event guests to simply hold up their phone to a scanner to enter the venue.

“Google Pay’s new support for tickets and boarding passes means customers will always have up-to-date information when they need it most – on the go,” Brett Caine, chief executive and president of Urban Airship said. “Urban Airship has the only platform proven to operate at the scale necessary to ensure that this information is delivered quickly, accurately and reliably to hundreds of millions of people.”

Google Pay already ensures the ability to buy transit tickets in select cities in the world, like London and Las Vegas, and the company is working on creating mobile tickets for airlines. Currently, they are working with companies like Southwest and Singapore Airlines, according to Android Authority.