The Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games proposed a price limit per ticket admission fees for the 2020 Summer Games yesterday, but couldn’t reach an agreement. This means that tickets could cost more than 288,000 yen ($2,600) each, depending on how things shake out down the road.

Proposed ticket prices were based on the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in London. Different prices were tossed around, including the capped price of 288,000 yen, with a minimum ticket price of 2,000 yen. Many of the experts on the panel disagreed with one or both prices, according to The Japan Times.

“We couldn’t reach a conclusion,” Sadahiko Kano, who heads the ticketing strategy panel, told The Times. “We discussed about creating a bigger gap (in pricing).”

The Times reports that according to sources close to the matter, the proposed ceiling for tickets is  ¥144,100, admission for Olympic events are said to be  ¥2,000, and Paralympic events would start at  ¥1,000.

Vice Chairman and president of the Yomiuri Giants professional baseball team, Hiroshi Kubo, told The Asahi Shimbun that higher and lower price limits for the tickets should be discussed. Several participants suggested the the price range be broadened, in order to include more affordable tickets different types of guests. They discussed a cheaper ticket for elementary school students, children, and families in the range of ¥1,000-2,020, and looked at significantly raising prices for those in wealthier groups.

“We agreed that the gap in those prices should be a little bigger,” Kubo said. “I think (the concept) is to create expensive tickets so that inexpensive tickets will also be available.”

The committee will discuss ticket prices and seek approval from the International Olympic Committee at a board meeting this July, in hopes to start marketing tickets by next spring. advertisement