Building on its successful recruiting drive at Ticket Summit 2018, the US Minority Ticketing Group (USMTG) welcomes Broker Genius and its CEO and Founder Sam Sherman as the newest member to the organization.
After he began selling tickets in 2012, Sherman envisioned a dynamic pricing technology that could automate a broker’s strategy. Broker Genius was founded just one year later. His company’s successful launch of the Auto Pricer in late 2013 revolutionized pricing in the secondary ticket market. He also released the first managed service pricing program modeled after asset management firms in the financial sector. Since then, Broker Genius has grown from 3 employees in Far Rockaway, New York, to 130 employees in Barcelona, Spain and New York City. 
Most recently, Broker Genius secured a $15 million Series A round of funding from Boston-based growth equity firm Volition Capital. The equity firm’s investment will allow Broker Genius to continue investing in data science that can more accurately forecast market trends and behaviors. The company also released its newest version, UpTick. The technology’s user experience and features are like no other product on the market. It enables brokers to gain valuable market insight, save time, and increase profitability. At this summer’s Ticket Summit, Broker Genius demonstrated UpTick, as well as introduced a suite of data tools to the ticketing industry.
The data tools enable ticket brokers to have more insight into their inventory and make more intelligent pricing decisions. 
To date, Broker Genius has priced over $2 billion of ticket inventory on their innovative platform. Sherman’s primary focus is to continue the tradition of innovation with many game-changing features that are slated for release throughout 2018 and 2019. 
Part of Sherman’s success can be attributed to his staff’s trust in his leadership. He has been described as “a great leader and business professional”, who is “creative, trustworthy and smart.”  USMTG looks forward to partnering with Broker Genius to provide opportunities for small and middle-sized brokers throughout the United States.