During Pusha T’s concert in Toronto last night, a brawl broke out, leaving four people injured.

Pusha has been in a fued with rapper Drake for years, and while the duo agreed to take a step back, “F-Drake” was portrayed on a screen behind Pusha during a concert last week. So, when Pusha held a show at Danforth Music Hall in Drake’s hometown of Toronto, trouble ensued.

According to the Toronto Star, a group from the 1,400-person crowd began throwing beer at Pusha in the middle of a song where he accuses Drake of using “ghostwriters.”

“A couple of guys got rowdy and threw a bunch of beers,” attendee Dhruv Bhatt said. “Almost 30 beers. Pusha T got a little wet, but he never actually got hit.”

When Pusha responded with a diss against Drake, the group rushed the stage. Pusha was quickly ushered off the stage before punches were thrown and fights broke out. Three people were injured in the mess and sent to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. However, later in the night, a man who was at the concert but not necessarily in the fight, was stabbed and sent to the hospital with serious wounds.

“They kind of ruined it for everybody, because everybody there is obviously a Pusha T fan and it took away from the whole experience,” Bhatt said. “Rap is a sport, but it’s not supposed to be violent. If it gets violent, then it takes away from what rap is all about and that’s not a good thing.”

After the chaos died down, Pusha took the stage once again to perform “Infrared.” Following the show, he denied rumors that he was “attacked” onstage.

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While Pusha claims Drake had paid people to throw beer at him, his representatives did not comment on the incident.

Pusha is currently on his Daytona Tour and plays next in Copenhagen, Denmark on December 9.

Last Updated on November 21, 2018

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