Sports Events 365 caters to travelers, helping people find exciting, popular events nearby when visiting new cities across the globe. This year, the secondary ticketing site hopes to expand the company, offering more events to various continents.

The international company, which was founded in 2006 by CEO Sefi Donner, is an independent, self-owned, destination-based provider of sports and concert tickets. In an interview with TicketNews, Donner explained that the company started out as a search engine, or the “Google of sports events,” that would assist businessmen or other travelers when they go abroad. If travelers visited a new country and wanted to see what events were available, they’d simply search the site.

“We planned to be an affiliate to send [customers] to other websites,” Donner explained, “but people wanted the tickets through us instead of referring them somewhere else.”

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He said the company realized that tickets were the “most demanding service,” and just six months after starting, they made the switch to become ticket brokers. While Sports Events 365 still owns the search engine and offers information based on the customer’s location, they now sell tickets themselves.

Originally, the company was primarily a B2C service, however, over the past few years, the trend toward B2B sales have increased as travel industry providers discovered the advantage major sports events added to their companies. Some big names like Expedia, TUI, and China’s CTRIP have teamed up with Sports Events 356.

“Travel websites, travel agencies, hotel chains and airlines have been jumping on the bandwagon, taking advantage of our unique service to offer their customers the option of a sporting event,” Donner said in a statement.

Sports Events 365 allow companies to offer tickets directly on their own site; 60 percent of their revenues last year were derived from B2B ticket sales. Currently, 600 companies use their white label and API services, and in 2018 alone, they sold over 40,000 tickets.

“B2B sales have been increasing more than twice as fast as our original B2C offering, which continues to grow at a healthy clip,” Donner said.

Later this month, Donner and Director of Business Development John Melchior will discuss the company’s transformation from a B2C to B2B service at the annual Travel Technology Europe exhibition at the Olympia Exhibition Center in London. This is their third time attending the exhibition — they will present a variety of technologies like web tools API/XML, RSS, CSVs, and white labels that will help travel-related companies sell tickets to events on their own websites.

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In 2019, the company is planning to enable people to book a hotel and ticket package together. The hotel will be booked based on the time of the event, making sure that the customer will not be in a bad situation, should the event be pushed back or moved forward to a certain time. Additionally, the site is translated in 21 languages, and this year, they are adding Greek.

While there are a variety of secondary ticketing sites to choose from across the web, Donner said Sports Events 365 offers a “huge variety of tickets with attractive prices” and the company has a “very high standard of fulfillment.” He believes they have repeated customers because of their combination of prices, variety, and reliability. Rarely, customers buy in their home country; whenever traveling to a new place, they return to Sports 365 again and again.

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