Organizers of 2017’s two-day Flambeau Fest in Louisiana, which was cut down to a single day event, still haven’t refunded ticketholders or held a second concert as promised.

The inaugural event was originally supposed to take place from October 7 to 8 in 2017 at Ascension Field at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales. It was billed as “rip-roaring country and American rock-n-roll on lake-wrapped meadows under tangerine sunset Southern Louisiana skies.” However, all performances on October 7 were cancelled due to Hurricane Nate. Saturday’s tickets were honored for the Sunday show, which featured acts like Hank Williams Jr., Sam Hunt, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, but many ticketholders requested refunds for their Saturday tickets.

After the show, organizers noted on their Facebook page that they were working to refund Saturday’s ticketholders. If the concertgoers did not use their ticket for the Sunday show, they could either receive a 50 percent refund or could be upgraded to a VIP experience for the 2018 festival. Now that 2018 has come and gone, Lambeau Fest has been quiet.

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One ticketholder, Anjelle Tiliankos, paid for the show and still hasn’t been refunded. She told WAFB 9News that she reached out to organizers and tried to call, but they haven’t responded.

“They’re just ignoring all of us,” Tiliakos said. “It’s like they said, ‘Hey we got our money and we did our thing. It’s over and done and we’re not worried about you.’ That’s basically how I feel.”

After WAFB  investigated the situation a little further and tracked down the owner or PI Entertainment, Mark Miller, he provided an update on the Facebook page last September, noting that a festival would happen in March 2019. However, just like before, March has come and gone, and there is still no festival a year and a half later.

The festival’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments as people question whether or not they will still be refunded. Those who opted to receive VIP tickets at the 2018 or 2019 festival are feeling like they’ve been scammed, as no festival was held.

“I think they just said that and hoped we would all forget about it,” Tiliakos told WAFB. “Honestly, I don’t think they ever had a plan of doing this in March and so I feel like this has just been a huge ripoff and a huge scam. I feel like the artists got their money, but I didn’t get anything for what I paid for.”

When WAFB‘s Scottie Hunter reached out to Miller, he responded that organizers are “in constant contact with our partner, venue, and team at Lamar Dixon and are collectively working toward and planning Flambeau Fest 2.” Just two days later on March 29, the Facebook page posted a statement that promises a return of Flambeau Fest is “ongoing.”

“Following the festival launch, and hurricane Nate’s visit, the festival team & organizers are working to return with another exciting Artist Lineup & Fan Experience delivered @ the first Flambeau Fest,” the statement reads. “The team is grateful for the continued support from fans & close interaction with the local community, and will provide updates on the festival as they are available.”

Many ticketholders, like Tiliakos, don’t think they are ever going to be refunded and at this point, aren’t interested in attending the new festival – if there is one. However, Kyle Rogers, general manager of the Lamar Dixon Expo Center, told WAFB that although a date is not set in stone, he expects a festival to not only take place in 2019, but also be a successful event.

The 2017 festival – although tarnished by the hurricane – still brought in 10,000 people and Rogers said there weren’t any complaints about the quality of the event.