Fans who purchased tickets to the Cricket World Cup were upset when they didn’t receive their tickets as early as promised, but the organizers called the delay “absolutely normal.”

Ticketholders were originally told that they’d receive their tickets in six weeks, and when the tickets didn’t turn up, they started to worry. One fan, Twitter user Ryan Biggs, said that he bought tickets for England’s game against South Africa on Thursday, but it had not been sent yet.

“The organisers haven’t made a statement as to what’s happening and it’s virtually impossible to get through to Ticketmaster to find out,” he wrote. “It’s a disgrace.”

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Others took to social media to discuss their frustration, with some complaining that they had spent money on delivery. One fan even said that he called Ticketmaster 74 times to rectify the situation, but his calls were never met with an explanation.

The director of marketing and ticketing for the Cricket World Cup, Adrian Wells, told The Guardian that all ticket holders will receive their tickets by the end of the week, noting that only 300 of the 24,500 crowd would have to pick up their tickets from the box office. In order to minimize any issues with queues, the box office will be open as early as 7:30 a.m.

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“We are seeing absolutely peanuts numbers of those sort of people and Ticketmaster tell us it is absolutely normal for some tickets to be lost,” he told The Guardian, and said that if people do not receive their tickets two days before the match, they should contact their call center and they’ll reissue new tickets at the box office.

“The wider story is that it is a record-breaking World Cup with ticket sales – we are going to sell 95% of tickets and going to have packed stadiums. It is going to be fantastic.”

The Cricket World Cup kicked-off yesterday and will run through July 14.