Billie Eilish fans felt scammed earlier this week after they received an email that their floor tickets to Eilish’s upcoming show at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom were being reassigned randomly at the United Center.

One fan, Amanda Hoffman-Luke, had bought pre-sale tickets to the Aragon Ballroom show through Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan Program in February. She was excited to bring her daughter to her first-ever concert next month, but her feelings quickly changed as she was reassigned to seats in the 300-level section of the United Center. Many other fans spoke out in frustration about the seat change and wanted answers.

Live Nation released a statement to Pollstar yesterday, noting that her fans who had their seats bumped will be receiving from perks from her team.

“Due to the size and logistics of production, and the travel time needed to get to Chicago, the same-day Billie Eilish shows at Aragon Ballroom were transitioned to the United Center,” Live Nation said in the statement. “After accommodating as many GA ticketholders as possible with floor seats at the United Center, the remainder of ticketholders were placed in other great locations where they can fully experience the incredible show.

“Billie and her team are disappointed that fans have been unintentionally affected by this venue change. The intention was to elevate the Billie Eilish show experience, not take away from it. Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Aragon Ballroom, the United Center and all teams involved are working hard to accommodate fans as best as possible.”

Hoffman-Luke, who has been attempting to reach Ticketmaster, Live Nation, and Eilish’s press team for days, is weary, telling Ticket News that she is still waiting on an official statement from Live Nation that addresses all of the fans that have been affected by the situation. She would like to see a statement that includes much more detail. However, despite her frustration, she wants to make the best of the situation and still enjoy Eilish’s show.

“I will continue to make noise, but I know that no matter what I am going to go and I am going to make it the best damn time ever,” she said. “For my daughter and for me. Because after all, we are there at least. And for those who lost their tickets or have seats separate from their friends and family, I hope they have a plan for them. Because that’s more than an inconvenience or not getting what you pay for, that is a safety issue.”

At this time, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, and Eilish’s press team have not responded for Ticket News‘ request for comment and did not release a statement through social media or via email to ticket holders.