Coheed and Cambria Fans Fume Over “Platinum” Ticket Confusion Coheed and Cambria Fans Fume Over “Platinum” Ticket Confusion
Fans of progressive rock outfit Coheed and Cambria are up in arms over how so-called “official platinum” tickets were sold for the band’s current... Coheed and Cambria Fans Fume Over “Platinum” Ticket Confusion

Fans of progressive rock outfit Coheed and Cambria are up in arms over how so-called “official platinum” tickets were sold for the band’s current tour – as Ticketmaster’s dynamic-priced tickets were confused by many purchasers with the band’s “Platinum VIP” tickets for meet & greet opportunities at the same shows.

Many, who purchased the Ticketmaster version of platinum (which are just regular tickets, priced aggressively higher than similar tickets), thought they were purchasing VIP Meet & Greet passes, only to realize that they just paid far above the advertised price for regular tickets. The venting of those frustrations caused the band to issue a statement on its social media Wednesday, half-apologizing for the mix-up, but also laying the blame squarely on the ticketing giant for the confusion:

While most fans in the reply thread below went with blaming the Live Nation-owned ticketing provider, the anger was still very real throughout the thread for those who felt it was a deliberate bait-and-switch on the part of the ticketer.

coheed and cambria ticketmaster complaint

coheed and cambria ticketmaster

coheed and cambria platinum

The conversation showed similar anger on a thread recapping the Facebook announcement and confusing language.

coheed and cambria platinum

In reality, however, the band (or at least its management) share in the blame over the confusing nature of the “Official Platinum” vs. their long-standing “Platinum VIP” nomenclature. Official Platinum seats are a frequently used tactic to use the ability to price tickets dynamically to the maximum point that consumers are willing to pay for them, essentially allowing promoters to directly “scalp” tickets and reap the extra profits. The decision on how many tickets of any given show are given such designation is not made by the ticketer, nor is it designed to enrich the ticketer (though they certainly get more fees when tickets sell at a premium price than at whatever the advertised “face value” happened to be.)

At least one fan in the Facebook thread seemed to grasp that this pricing gap had little to do with Ticketmaster as a company, and more to do with the fact that touring musicians are utilizing the “official platinum” system to do their best to make fans pay prices they might have seen on the secondary ticket market after a show sells out without having to sell the show out in the first place.

coheed and cambria platinum

coheed and cambria platinum

Ultimately, the biggest gripe is that the promoter and ticketer should have probably understood that having one block of desirable tickets marked up well above the announced face value as “official platinum” that had no extra perks, while simultaneously selling meet & greet tickets marketed as “VIP Platinum” was extremely confusing for fans scrambling to buy the best seats they could for a band they love. This doesn’t even take into account the overwhelming pressure fans feel based on the disingenuous “bots are buying all the tickets before you can” narrative that dominates the ticketing market today, even if there’s no clarity on how much bots are actually buying.

Unfortunately for Coheed and Cambria fans, a lot of what they have went through in this instance is an example of the primary ticketing world operating exactly as it is designed to do. And Ticketmaster being blamed is part of the plan, even when much of that blame deserves to be shared with the band’s management itself.

Photo: Coheed and Cambria playing in Central Park in 2010 – via Brian Reisinger on Wikimedia Commons

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  • Randy Smith

    June 21, 2019 #1 Author

    The band is reaping the benefit of the Platinum seats pricing. This is squarely on their manager or promoter who should have known that the band had called their Meet n Greet tickets Platinum. TM/LN has been calling their dynamically priced tickets Platinum seats for at least 4-5 years and can’t change the name just for one band. Stop blaming the primary seller for high prices and fees. The band/promoter sets the ticket prices when they scale the house and more often than not gets a piece of the convenience fee. Wah Wah Wah and Boo F###ing Hoo. I don’t like the primary sellers and their tactics, but put the blame for pricing where it belongs.


    • steven g

      June 21, 2019 #2 Author

      FINALLY someone that knows the make up of this.
      Listening to the punters rage on everyone BUT the band is frustrating.
      Thanks Randy.


    • Jimmy Eppard

      June 23, 2019 #3 Author

      Live Nation bought the tour before the band even boarded the tour bus. The band got paid before the tour started. The scalping is all about the promotors, live Nation & ticket Master. The band gets nothing from these inflated prices… they’ve already gotten all the money they’re going to get.


      • Ryan

        June 28, 2019 #4 Author

        That’s assuming that the band isn’t getting paid on points based on the venue’s/show’s net profit. If they do have a bonus structure like that, then it actually behooves them to have higher priced tickets to push the show revenue into the “bonus” territory faster.


  • Kells

    June 21, 2019 #5 Author

    They do this for every show now. It shouldn’t be allowed


    • Randy

      June 21, 2019 #6 Author

      Kells, do you buy their CDs or download their albums? The artists revenues from people paying for their recordings has dropped greatly. Streaming increases every day. They are entitled to profit off of their talent and the only way for the non-superstar acts to get paid is to charge a premium for their live performances. The superstars such as Bruce Springsteen, U2, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Rolling Stones and a select few others (probably less than 50 total) have many other revenue streams. The rest don’t and have to live off touring.


      • Joseph

        June 21, 2019 #7 Author

        Randy, as a Coheed fan, I own a copy of every album. I buy official merch from their official site. I buy merch from merch stands at their shows, to which I buy these Platinum meet and greet tickets. The band (and their management) do their best to make sure these tickets are appropriately priced so fans CAN afford them, and then Ticketmaster pulls stunts like this to make confusion and profit. Thyley evennwent so far as to CHANGE the name TO “Official Platinum” recently for their tickets.
        So what you’re saying has nothing to do with the issue. The issue is that TM has pulled a slick one on fans, and now the band is changing things up for the fans.


  • Mac B

    June 23, 2019 #8 Author

    Coheed and who? I guess since there are only 4 comments I’ll not surprised!!!


  • MAD

    June 23, 2019 #9 Author

    This is only the beginning for what TicketBuster has in store for you. They are continuously experimenting with new “ingenious” ways to make more money for themselves (they convince the artist it’s for their benefit as well), at the expense of more frustrated fans being squeezed for every penny they have.

    TicketBuster will not stop at anything! Even wanting your WHOLE SALARY, or ALLOWANCE, in exchange for a “premium” seat with a “fluctuating price” “based on demand”, knowing you are super-excited to see this or that artist. They are playing on your emotions at the moment of the “on-sale”, and you know full well the clock is ticking if you stop too long to read “the fine print”, you will lose the seats you chose and the next person will get it. The fan or buyer can have a heart attack trying to chose which seat he/she wants and cannot be “picky” or shop around for a better or cheaper seat as the firt set won’t be there once you let it go. All the while, the TicketBuster greedy “geniuses” are sitting behind a computer chuckling over the results of their MANY ticket types and prices and conditions they have chosen to put on the tickets for this concert. They do not care if it frustrates you or you end up in tears after buying the “absolutely non-refundable” tickets as they have covered their asses with the many legal fine-prints they include on their site, which you do not have time to read, or don’t care to read.

    Try to get a refund after a confusing on-sale and you will be spending half your life on the phone with agents reading off a screen with the same pre-composed responses trying to get you to give up and hang up… Try to ask to speak to a supervisor and you’ll be on hold for over a half hour, then be disconnected, or you give up so you can get back to your job which you need in order to pay for the pricey tickets you just bought.

    One of these days TicketBuster will be brought to justice and pay for their sins.


  • Dave

    June 28, 2019 #10 Author

    The artists are responsible for all of this. Prices, nomenclature, VIP Platinum, whatever. The system is set-up to have the fans, customers, believe that the promoter, management, ticket seller are to blame.

    The artists are above it all to the fans. Sorry, the bands are pulling the wool over your eyes to make more money. I would respect them more if they just came out and admitted it.


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