Following this year’s chaotic UEFA Champions League and Europa Final – which caused fans travel difficulties and the ticket process was described as “measly allocation from the UEFA” – the organization announced that Euro 2020 will proceed with a “fan first” ticket strategy. Already, over 300,000 fans submitted applications from 109 different countries during the first hour on sale.

As a part of the new ticketing strategy, almost 2.5 million tickets will be available solely for fans of the participating teams and the general public – this number exceeds the total number of tickets that were available for the UEFA EURO 2016. More than 80 percent of the tickets will go to fans with 1 million available for €50 or less for the 44 matches. Additionally, a total of 40,000 tickets under €100 will be available for the semi-finals and finals in London.

It was announced last month that ticket sales would be separated into three phases. The first phase, which kicked-off on June 12, will run through July 12 and 1.5 million tickets will be up-for-grabs. During this period, fans can apply at any time and will still have a chance of being chosen. Those who did not receive tickets they applied for will be notified when new tickets are available. The second phase will take place in December after the final draw, and the last phase will begin in April 2020 after the final four teams of the playoffs have been chosen.

The 44 matches will take place in 12 different cities, which have been divided into two clusters, reflecting the average income of residents. The first cluster A, starting with tickets for €50, includes Amsterdam, Bilbao, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome, and Saint Petersburg. Cluster B, which is priced starting at €30 is made up of Baku, Bucharest, and Budapest, the UEFA said, noting that consequently, tickets for the quarter-final in Baku will be significalntly less than games in Munich, Rome, and Saint Petersburg.

Euro 2020 will run from June 12 to July 12, 2020. Fans can purchase sign up to purchase tickets via