Secondary ticketing site Sports Events 365 announced that it has become the first hybrid website for sports and music events in the world.

Through a new interface, Sports Evens 365’s customers will receive immediate confirmation on 85 percent of the tickets on its site, rather than the current 50 percent. According to a press release, the company said that it expects to generate $1 million in additional revenue this year with last year’s sales ringing in at $11 million. Major ticket brokers who work with the company will be able to directly access the site on a continuous basis, allowing supplies to post prices and quantities for ticketing simply from a computer or smartphone app – giving the company control over the process.

Sefi Donner, founder and CEO of Sports Events 365, noted in a press release that the ability to receive immediate confirmation is “key” in the traveling industry, and he hopes that this will improve overall efficiency during the customer’s ticket-buying experience.

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“Immediate confirmation is critical for travelers who want to guarantee tickets for a match before making hotel or airline reservations,” he said, explaining that travel websites and agencies, as well as hotel chains and airlines, will be able to benefit from this new service.

Earlier this year, we talked to Donner about how 60 percent of Sports Events 365’s sales in 2018 were derived from B2B ticket sales, which shows that B2B sales have been increasing more than twice as fast as their original B2C offering. This year, the company hopes to enable people to book a hotel and ticket package together through their site; when purchasing a hotel through Sports Events 365, the hotel will be booked based on the time of the event to ensure that customers are never in a bad situation, should an event get cancelled or pushed back.

Donner believes the company continues to have repeated customers due to their combination of prices, variety, and reliability. Learn more about SportsEvents365 on their website.