Protecht, an award-winning ticketing insurance company, has recently announced Beau Jeppesen as the company’s new chief product officer.

In his role, Jeppesen will work with Protecht’s engineering and product teams to ensure continued innovation. He is one of the firm’s first employees since 2016 and previously held management positions at ShopGuarentee, Merchant Defense, and Wells Fargo. His experience in product innovation, global sales, and market expertise will help him as chief product officer.

Protecht CEO and founder Bryan Derbyshire noted that Jeppesen has been “crucial to our success to date” and his knowledge of the business side of the company is important.

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“I could not be more excited to hand over the keys of product to him,” Derbyshire said in a press release. “Our technology team has always been very strong technically. Pairing that talent with Beau’s leadership and complete business understanding, I’m confident we will not only continue to produce the industry’s best technology, but also continue earning awards for product innovation.”

The Newport Beach-based company uses its technology to connect platforms, venues, and event organizers with real-time data and inventory control. Through its FanShield insurance, consumers and event organizers can protect their purchases.

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