Ohio State football tickets aren’t selling as well as the team would have hoped.

According to the Ohio State University newspaper, The Lantern, season ticket sales data shows that more than 6,500 fewer season student ticket packages were sold for the 2019 season compared to last year, with the total number of packages dropping to 21,716 from 28,392 in 2018 — a nearly 24 percent decrease. Non-student season ticket packages have also declined by 4.3 percent.

The decline, which shows the athletic department’s fewest ticket sales in at least a decade, points to a few causes for concern. Diana Sabau, deputy director of Ohio State Athletics, told The Lantern that the change in medium to mobile ticketing might have contributed to the lack of sales this season, as well as the uncertainty of a game schedule.

“[Students] have asked us for probably a year to two years that, ‘How can we not wait in line to pick up our tickets when we get back to school?” Sabau said. “I think having a mobile ticket achieved that. I think that, for whatever reason, that combination and not having Michigan at home give us a little bit larger decline.”

However, Ohio State isn’t alone, with NFL attendance showing that fewer fans are attending sports events across the country. Baseball teams are particularly struggling, with multiple teams implementing initiatives to try and fill seats this season; both Orioles and A’s are offering free tickets for kinds in an attempt to attract younger fans.

Despite the decline in season ticket sales, Ohio State saw 104,089 fans during its Week 2 game against Cincinnati over the weekend. The team is slated to take on Miami on Saturday, followed by games against Nebraska, Michigan State, and Northwestern.

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