The beloved play Annie is set to open at the Omaha Community Playhouse in Nebraska next week, but some fans are frustrated after a “ticket glitch” messed up their orders.

According to WOWT 6News, a promotion was listed online that allowed fans to score free tickets to the show. However, the promotion ended up being a mistake, which Ticket Omaha called a “glitch in the system” that has since been corrected.

“This error has placed the Omaha Community Playhouse in a tremendously difficult position,” the Omaha Playhouse stated on their Facebook page. “The patrons who support our endeavors are the backbone of our organization. As a non-profit organization, we also rely on revenue from ticket sales to fund the on-stage productions, educational programs and other community services we provide.

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“Since the discovery of this error, Ticket Omaha has directly contacted each impacted individual. Rather than voiding all of the tickets issued in error, we are offering each affected person the opportunity to purchase these seats at a deeply discounted rate.”

The venue apologized for any misunderstanding and reached out to foster families.

“We were disheartened to learn that the glitch in Ticket Omaha’s system has caused undue stress for area families, and especially foster families who contribute so much to our community,” the venue said in a second statement. “Inclusivity and community are two core values at the Omaha Community Playhouse and we want these children to experience the joy of live theatre at the Playhouse. Foster families impacted by this Ticket Omaha error can contact OCP Executive Director Katie Broman directly at (402) 661-8520.”