Several Enrique Iglesias concerts across Europe have been cancelled after the fraudulent promoter was accused of running off with around €1 million.

According to Pollstar, a Bulgarian promoter claimed to represent ArtBG and has scammed ticket buyers, venues, and artists after posing as a local promoter. The situation unfolded after the Latvian ticket agency Bilesu Serviss announced that Enrique Iglesias’ All The Hits Live concert in Arena Riga has been cancelled. All vendors reportedly received a statement from CAA which noted that Iglesias’ shows in Croatia, Latvia, and Belarus have been called-off.

“ArtBG, the concert tour promoter, producer, and event organizer, have not compiled nor fulfilled their contractual obligations with the venues and all production elements for these three events,” the statement read. “All of this makes it impossible to put on the show that our fans deserve. Safety for our fans and crew is paramount and we cannot guarantee this for everyone without the promoter fulfilling their obligations. It is simply too big of a risk.

“Our fans are sacred to us and it is painful to have to do this. We hope to find new dates in the future. Together, with vendors and venues, we are devoted to make the responsible party, ArtBG, held responsible for their actions.”

After further digging, Pollstar found that Iglesias isn’t alone; ArtBG allegedly posed as a local promoter for artists like Bryan Adams, Jose Carreras, and Maluma. A source told the publication from Athens that the fraudulent promoter “took all the ticketing money and left” without paying the artists nor the venues.

At this time, tickets can not be refunded until the State Police responds to Bilesu Serviss’ fraud claim. ArtBG is reportedly on the run with another partner, holding onto an estimated €1 million.