A 42-year University of Hawaii football season ticket holder has been banned from Aloha Stadium after attempting to sell his extra tickets.

According to the local news channel KHON2, the season ticket holder, Dan Vierra, said he tried to sell extra tickets ahead of the Rainbow Warrior game against San Jose State over the weekend. He was reportedly near the ticket box office at Aloha Stadium when a security guard came up to him and said that he couldn’t sell tickets.

“I asked her can I give it away? And she told me yeah I guess as long as you don’t sell it,” he told KHON2. “So I continued right there holding the ticket until somebody came up and approached me and I asked if they needed a ticket and he said yeah so I gave it to him.”

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After giving away the ticket, Vierra said he was approached by the Sheriff’s Deputy, who told him that they’re kicking him out of the stadium and he would receive a trespass warning. Now, Vierra is unable to go to the stadium for a year. Vierra explained his confusion, since the guard had initially told him he could give the ticket away as long as he didn’t sell it.

Vierra said that he’s given away tickets before and there are no signs telling people that they can or can’t resell. However, on the team’s website, it states that there are rules against solicitation, selling, or handing out free items without approval from a stadium manager.

In the past, he usually ends up going to games alone when others don’t want to attend, he said, noting “I’ll even go when nobody else wants to go.” Now, if the team follows through with the trespass warning, Vierra won’t be able to attend a game until 2020 – in which case he doesn’t know if he’ll end up renewing.