Halfway through the 2019-2020 season, Stoke City Football Club announced the switch to the ticketing platform SeatGeek, dumping their previous partner, See 360.

Stoke City did not comment on why exactly it made the move, however, the switch comes after a snafu this past August. During the club’s opening game of the campaign on August 3, See 360 was blamed for a technical error in the coding of the ticketing system for recently-printed season cards, which left around 140 fans unable to enter Bet365 Stadium. Supporters had to wait outside for more than 20 minutes after the game kicked-off and had to go to the ticket office to either get their cards activated or received paper tickets. The club apologized for the inconvenience at the time.

The move to SeatGeek will “create a smarter, more streamlined supporter experience,” the club said in a statement, noting that fans will be bale to print tickets at home or access digital tickets online. Additionally, the move will see the ticketing system integrate with the club’s Single Sign-on platform, dubbed mystroke account, on all digital platforms.

“The new system will offer our fans a much-improved customer experience and we are sure they will be impressed by the increased levels of functionality it will offer,” Stoke City’s Chief Commercial Officer Paul Lakin said in a statement. “We are delighted to have partnered with SeatGeek as they have a proven track record with a host of sporting clubs, organisations and leagues across the world.”

Over the weekend, the changeover was completed, and the system is now fully operational as of Tuesday morning. For more information or to access tickets, visit tickets.stokecityfc.com.

Stoke City beat Barnsley 4-2 over the weekend and is slated to take on Wigan Athletic next on November 23. From there, they’ll play Cardiff City, Blackburn, Hull City, Luton Town, and Reading.