TicketSocket revealed that it had partnered with the largest obstacle race and endurance brand Spartan to accommodate for for more than one million registrants among 40 countries.

The TicketSocket platform, an innovator in white label ticketing solutions, will handle the complexities of Spartan’s business and offer its customizable framework model to help their large-scale obstacle course races. It will be able to help Spartan improve the overall registration experience and conversion through white label checkout flow while owning its own platform without the cost of building and maintaining technology. Additionally, TicketSocket will increase conversions, reduce time management time and costs, and take control of the brand, money, data, and functioning.

“With more than 250 events on six continents, Spartan needs an innovative white label ticketing solution that allows more international payment methods and enhanced conversion on mobile and desktop devices, and we have found that with TicketSocket,” founder and CEO of Spartan Joe De Sena said in a press release. “We’re excited to partner with TicketSocket, which is a natural partner for Spartan as it grants Spartan further controls above and beyond industry norms to to protect our participant data, deliver much more value for sponsors and improve the registration experience for our global community.”

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TicketSockets’ experience in the race registration space will help, as the company is currently operating in more than 35 countries and processes over $750 million annually. The company’s CEO, Mark Miller, explained that TicketSocket’s registration software is both flexible and helpful for any racing event.

“The features are customized to support an increase in conversion for sign-ups and provides an efficient way to capture attendee information changes and transfers. The platform’s administration management tools also provide companies like Spartan with a tremendous amount of control over the information and registration process,” Miller said in the release.

Earlier this month, TicketSocket revealed the appointment of the industry professional Mark Hodgkin as the new Executive Vice President of Product Innovation, where he’ll help TicketSocket build its race registration, attraction timed ticketing, and venue access management solutions to customers.

To learn more about TicketSocket, visit their website.