The leading innovator in white label ticketing solutions, TicketSocket, has announced the appointment of the industry professional Mark Hodgkin as the new Executive Vice President of Product Innovation amid the company’s continued growth.

Hodgkin has more than 10 years of technology and sports experience. In his new role, he will help TicketSocket build its race registration, attraction timed ticketing and venue access management solutions for customers, and further the company’s role in the ticketing industry. Hodgkin explained in a statement to TicketNews that he has a history of digital innovation working with vendors, brands, and the users of their technology, as well as an expansive list of sports industry contacts. Previously, he worked as the Director of Innovation at NeuLion College and has worked for the American Athletic Conference, Bryant University, and Boston College.

TicketSocket started in the sports industry in the race registration space with 5k and obstacle course brands like Spartan Race and Savage Race. Hodgkin said that now, the company is working with domestic and international sport organizations, leagues, and teams; they’re currently working with the Washington Spirit and partnered with Bleachr to build and offer mobile ticketing through their fan engagement app. Additionally, TicketSocket is working with many domestic and global clients, focusing on Race & Event Registration, Timed Ticketing & Attraction, and Seated Venues within music, sports, and entertainment.

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Hodgkin’s last three years at NeuLion has prepared him to help the TicketSocket team as the company heads into an “exciting stage in its development.” He explained that the “user” is both the partner selling tickets as well as the end user buying them and the experience for both has to be “top notch” by taking advantage of user feedback, a strong knowledge of the industry, excellent UI and UX design, and organization to execute. Hodgkin points to Research&, which notes that event ticketing  is expected to be a 68 billion dollar marketplace opportunity by 2025. TicketSocket is addressing trends like the DIY nature of the platform, taking control of brand, money, and functionality, social media marketing tools, and e-tickets to make the company the best it can be.

“Much like sports, the ticketing industry is one that connects people with entertainment that enriches their lives and leads to lifelong memories,” Hodgkin said. “Almost everyone has experience an event that they will remember for the rest of their lives, whether it is an athletic contest, an artistic exhibit, or a memorable concert. A great ticket platform is one that can contribute to that experience and give event organizers more time to focus on what they do best, which is creating memorable events for their fans.”

Mark Miller, the founder and CEO of TicketSocket, explained in a press release that Hodgkin has “a wealth of knowledge and expertise” and is excited to welcome him to the team to “build on our product team’s R&D efforts, including the development of new and important features and technology integrations.”

“Hodgkin’s experience in college athletics will be invaluable to us as we continue to grow serving more clients in the sports industry,” he said.

For more information about TicketSocket, visit their website.

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