Fans Stunned by Sky-High Motley Crue Tour Ticket Prices Fans Stunned by Sky-High Motley Crue Tour Ticket Prices
Fans were certainly excited in November when Motley Crue announced it would tour again, four years after calling it quits. But that excitement seemed... Fans Stunned by Sky-High Motley Crue Tour Ticket Prices

Fans were certainly excited in November when Motley Crue announced it would tour again, four years after calling it quits. But that excitement seemed to have tapered into disappointment for many, after they saw the asking prices. From the cheapest seat in the house to exclusive VIP and merchandise packages, prices are sky-high for the tour, which also features Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett.

“We knew it would be expensive, but WOW, is it expensive,” writes of the tour. Their reporting found that the least expensive seat on the entire tour was a $55 ducat at San Diego’s Petco Park. That’s not counting per-ticket fees that hit about 36% of the face value price, bringing the total to more than $75 for the least expensive seat on the entire tour. On several tour stops, the cheapest seat in the building is over $100 – with their research showing a $226 price tag for the least expensive seat in the house for the show at Wrigley Field.

Needless to say, fans headed to social media to share their feelings.

On the high end of the spectrum, prices are absolutely into the stratosphere. One ticketing professional with decades of experience in the business told TicketNews that the tour had the highest prices they had ever seen on the primary market.

For the Fenway Park show, the cheapest “VIP” option starts at over $300, and gets fans nothing more than a seat “in the first 20 rows” and a special laminate. Unless you consider a chance to shop for VIP “exclusive” merchandise a bonus. At the top of the range, you have the Motley Crue “Wild Side” ultimate package, which goes for a tidy $4,299.50 (plus fees). That’ll get you a ticket in the first two rows, meet & greet, autographed guitar, and a tour plaque “personalized to you”. All of those things do sound lovely, though many might consider a down payment on a home a better investment.

With prices so high on the primary market, metalinjection had an interesting though to close its article – “At this point, it seems like your best bet might be the secondary market, as the supply is likely a bit greater than demand at the moment.”

Oddly enough, speculative listings on the secondary market would likely be the best deal of all – this tour is a lock to see prices plummet dynamically downward as show dates approach. Pricing a listing well below the current asking price and waiting to fill the order from the inevitable Groupon or 2-for-1 dump would probably be a risk worth taking for such an aggressively priced stadium tour. But we’ll have to see whether that happens later, or if we just start to see a lot of tour dates postponed for [insert reason here] to allow them more time to sell.

  • Steve Melcher

    December 23, 2019 #1 Author

    You guys need to put it on pay per veiw


    • C.J. Klemonski

      December 23, 2019 #2 Author

      All bands I’ve seen for cheap, and maybe if Vince starts singing now, he’ll be caught up by the 4th show. To ask that at all, especially when Vince looks more like jabba the hutt, is insane. G n R wasn’t near that price, and was actually a rare treat compared to bands I’ve seen tons of times


      • Chris brewer

        December 24, 2019 #3 Author

        But there motley fucking Crue
        I’m a true fan and would find a way to see them again


    • DiabolicalDave

      December 24, 2019 #4 Author

      FINALLY, Crue fans have “SHOUTED – SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT at the Overfed, longhaired, leaping knowns that they wont attend these So called “Stadium $how$” because of the overly price tag on tickets to see all these Over the Hill washed up bands that even had a hard time finding a sponsor to support the tour, until (quite appropriately) DEPENDS (the adult diaper company) stepped in to sponsor these geezer bands! Keep in mind however the average Joe is paying 4 greedy bands so all the blame shouldnt be soley at Motley (is through) Crue. I still say Boycott Boycott Boycott anyways I guarantee this wont be a live show all bands will use Lipsinc & backing tracks to support their fake quality sound!!!


      • Paul Noland

        December 24, 2019 #5 Author

        Get ready for the big Motley Screw!!


      • Myles

        January 1, 2020 #6 Author

        None of them are worth seeing In the 80s they were Goda


        • Myles

          January 1, 2020 #7 Author

          I meant in the 80s when metal was king Motley Crue were Gods Now you could not pay me to see any of them except for Ozzy


    • B smith

      December 24, 2019 #8 Author

      Thats it im not going.


    • Travis Morgan

      December 24, 2019 #9 Author

      They have to charge that amount feed vince see that gut ..omg


    • Brian Jones

      December 25, 2019 #10 Author

      Fuck them sideways


  • Jesse

    December 23, 2019 #11 Author

    Vince has a hard time singing seems that he’s always out of breath a little overweight which I can understand comes with age but I think meatloaf does a better job singing in that weight class


    • Damian Zajac

      December 23, 2019 #12 Author

      I see all these “True Loyal Fan” comments and I’m no different in terms of what tax bracket where like most of these fans reside, I too live in that same zip. Unfortunately for us, the overall response with ticket sales and how quickly some of the venues actually sold out will result in our bitch’n & moan’n only to fall on deaf ears by the promoters and performers. People out there with deeper pockets who live in another tax bracket sent a message back to the top that sez “Who cares about the fans who can’t afford the show, there are plenty other fans out there who can afford it which resulted in some of venues to as selling in record time. I hardly think they (being the promoters & performers) will be losing much sleep for us “poor folk” who can’t afford as much as 5th level nose bleed obstructed view seat. Well maybe we’ll a feel better sharing our feelings with each other here at least while all those “Rodeo Dr Party Goers” are whipping out their 30 year old Motley Crue tour tees and custom cut-off Levi jeans along with their pocket bandanas getting ready for their soon to be “experience of a lifetime”


    • Jill

      December 23, 2019 #13 Author

      Been a fan of these bands since the 80’s. Spent loads of money to see them every time they came around. Sometimes we’d see them two or 3 times in the same year. And of course, I got my kids hooked, so it got more and more expensive. But I’ve never given up. Even managed to see the Crüe’s farewell tour three times…I hate goodbyes. Like so many others, I was excited beyond words that they were coming back! And then the devastation and anger hit when I couldn’t find a seat for less than $150 in Detroit. Really? Really?? So many of us have been the reason you’re famous, but you still wanna charge us these astronomical prices??! Omg, NEVER EVER thought I’d miss a Crüe show, but you know what? Have a great show without me and all of our friends who have always gone. We’re not paying that much for a shit seat. It makes me so mad that I can sit this one out and not even feel bad.


      • Crickett

        December 24, 2019 #14 Author

        Would have bee nice to set ticket sales on a later date so us true fans could budget to see you guys. I saved money to buy tickets on Jan. 3rd with 4 friends. But there is nothing left last rows. Not going now.


        • Jay

          December 30, 2019 #15 Author

          We was planning to fly in from england, 4 brothers planning to see Crue!
          £500 flights each then to see £350 tickets and at minimum £85 for nose bleeds, what a joke. 3000 mile flight to see though Binoculars. No thanks… £150 is front row in the uk, not £400.
          Never seen live before. Guess I never will.


    • Adam ghys

      December 24, 2019 #16 Author

      This tour aint nothin but a cash grab and a slap in the face to fans i mean come on the last time i saw vince sing he was drunk forgetting the lyrics stumbling around i left after tommy lees drum solo and will never waste another night going to see them


      • Myles

        January 1, 2020 #17 Author

        I saw them in the 80s a few times l would never see them again


    • Michael Green

      December 24, 2019 #18 Author

      I don’t care what the prices are. I am a HARDCORE MOTLEY FKN CRUE FAN! I SAW THEM 25 TIMES. AND I WILL MAKE IT 26!


      • Jag

        December 24, 2019 #19 Author

        You are stupid.
        Twenty-five times over.

        Crue were cool back in 1983.
        For twelve and thirteen year-olds.


    • Fred

      December 24, 2019 #20 Author

      The “Meatloaf” comment , Funny!


      • Nst

        December 24, 2019 #21 Author

        What are you bitching about,it startsxst 25 or so a band not really that bad,go buy a .Floyd,The Who,Stones et. tic if they tour again and they’ll start at two plus a tic for them and a unknown opening local band who paid for the opertunity to be on stage with them.You White trash cheap RnRers gotta realize us original RnRers are older established and can afford a few Bill’s for a tic to see give great bands.


    • Deb Duty

      December 24, 2019 #22 Author

      Not worth the price to see fat a** Vince stumble across the stage out of breath unable to sing. I can see this at a nursing home for free


      • Ashley

        December 25, 2019 #23 Author

        Ticket prices were pretty reasonable for the amount of top be artists playing. I paid more for TSO, Nine inch nails, etc. They weren’t that terrible…..


    • Krissy

      December 24, 2019 #24 Author

      Bunch of sour asses who couldnt afford tickets on here! 🙄



    December 23, 2019 #25 Author

    Tickets start at a couple hundred hours where I’m at. Just not worth it Vince Neil can’t sing anymore, in fact it looks like he’s making up some of the lyrics, it’s just terrible! don’t know anyone who wants to see poison. Def Leppard eeeehhhh, Joan jett cool. It’s not worth it to go to this concert at all.


    • Adam Borders

      December 24, 2019 #26 Author

      As a life long fan I was truly gutted when I saw the prices and discovered I was priced out. The unapologetic greed has cost them at least one fan: me. I guess after all the stories of who they stepped on and treated like garbage to get where they are, there wasn’t anyone left to screw. Except the fans. So sad. So so so sad.



    December 23, 2019 #27 Author

    Tickets start at a couple hundred dollars where I’m at. Just not worth it Vince Neil can’t sing anymore, in fact it looks like he’s making up some of the lyrics, it’s just terrible! don’t know anyone who wants to see poison. Def Leppard eeeehhhh, Joan jett cool. It’s not worth it to go to this concert at all.


    • Deb Duty

      December 24, 2019 #28 Author

      Not worth the price to see fat a** Vince stumble across the stage out of breath unable to sing. I can see this at a nursing home for free


      • Becky

        December 25, 2019 #29 Author

        They are expensive because people bought on presale and are selling them for more, which I think is total BS. Luckily I bought on presale and the prices weren’t bad.


  • Salmonatorcali

    December 23, 2019 #30 Author

    No, No, No, A Thousand Times No.


    • Linda Graves

      December 24, 2019 #31 Author

      Some of you people can complain all, you want, and the one’s that are complaining ok, are the one’s that want something for nothing!!!, they’re going to complain anyway, ticket’s for no matter who it is are the same price they were 5,6 year’s ago, and most of all your getting one hell of a show, 4 major headliners you’re getting 4 concerts in one so quit crying about it !!!, that’s so dum,yeah I saw motley crue everytime they came here to Utah, 1981?oh yeah back in my day, back then, it was 6 dollars a ticket, those of you that keep throwing jabs at Vince,kind of funny, it’s mostly guy’s, they’re jealous, they can still sell out shows no matter where they go ok..and Vince Neil is still voted to this day the best rock voices of all times, so grow up people, don’t want to go,cause of the prices that’s not going to hurt any of the performers, they already sold out the first round of tickets, and opened up more dates, hope the tour comes to Utah!!!, guess what !!, I’ll be there


      • HenryChinaski

        December 24, 2019 #32 Author

        You are full of so much shit. You’re the one that needs to grow up idiot


      • suzukiagogo

        December 24, 2019 #33 Author

        everything in this “paragraph” is utter bullshit. Vince is never voted as a top singer, these bands were headliners 30 years ago, no one is jealous of vince “never missed a meal” neil, and these tickets are more than triple the average stadium show. You are so misinformed it’s not even funny.


      • LC

        December 25, 2019 #34 Author

        4 headliners in one, huh? So is every band doing a headlining time slot? If the show is going to be 8 hours long, I’d agree with you…but it’s not. It’s going to be a standard 3-3 1/2 hours. ABSOLUTELY not worth it.


    • Doug

      December 24, 2019 #35 Author

      What a complete fool. Saw Vince Neil 2 years ago and he was awful. As someone else said this is just a cheap cash grab


  • Michael

    December 23, 2019 #36 Author

    The author (and whiny Tweeters) do realize this is FOUR top notch classic rock bands on the same ticket, right? That’s unheard of – tickets should be 4x the norm but they aren’t… Be grateful and buy up the last few, since they’re almost all entirely sold out now.


    • Storm

      December 24, 2019 #37 Author

      Bottom line is the promoters made the deal with the bands & they’re getting half the money. If people are that stupid to give away their money, so be it. Besides, after a week or so, Joe Elliot’s ego will go viral & they’ll be fights between all 4 bands. My advice is buy the cd or dvd when they come out.


  • Jon

    December 23, 2019 #38 Author

    Seriously what are you complaining about. It’s not just Crue, it’s 4 top 70’s/80’s bands at 1 show. $50 to see each one would put it at $200. But to see all 4 at one time for less than $100, money well spent if you ask me.


    • Jill Andujar

      December 24, 2019 #39 Author

      The tickets here are around $3000/$4000


  • Jennifer

    December 23, 2019 #40 Author

    F**king crazy. I mean really guys?? The most I’ve ever paid is $50 bucks to see a show and that was back in the very early 90’s it was “THE CLASH OF THE TITANS” AND IT FEATURED SLAYER*ANTHRAX*MEGADETH* AND A NEW BAND (WHO GOT LITTERLY BOOED OFF THE STAGE) NAMED ALICE IN CHAINS. And $50 buck sounds high for a show dating back to the very early 90’s but that ticket got you into the fair with a free backstage pass. And it also included I free voucher to bungi-jump off a 150 foot crane so f**k it was way worth it but seriously guys when is the last time y’all even put out a new album?? Come on now it’s not the 80’s anymore. You guys are just not worth all that


  • Kenneth Kreiner

    December 23, 2019 #41 Author

    Im really surprised on all the people crying on paying $300.00 each for 4 great bands at one time. Give me a break. If only Motley crue and one opening band the tickets would be $125 to $175 a ticket and the same for Dep leppard. So do the math on all 4 bands.


    • Tony

      December 24, 2019 #42 Author

      I agree
      “Real fans” won’t bitch&moan cause it’s 4 top notch bands on the same bill.. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Real fans well do whatever it takes to see Motley Crue and this concert. I’m in a tax bracket where every dime means something to me right now but I was first in line to buy you a $300 ticket and I would have paid 500$ just to see this being once again


    • Making Sense

      December 24, 2019 #43 Author

      This story fails to mention that the price of the tickets include booking fees, payment to use the venue, insurance and more. Plus, whoever offered Motley $150 million to re-unite needs to recoup their upfront costs. Not to mention, bands have to pay road crews, production teams, legal teams, management and more. Your anger at the ticket costs are being directed at the bands, and is misplaced. As long as people can (and do) pay the ticket prices, the prices will remain high.
      Attacking the band members is misguided and inappropriate. Think the tickets cost too much? Do not buy them.


  • Pamela diez

    December 23, 2019 #44 Author

    I guess depends on the venue.if they play at a local biker bar, we’re the bands don’t get payed,it would be a great show.because money would not be in the way.i don’t think they need it anyway.the local biker pub,the best place to see shows.


  • Fred Seipel

    December 23, 2019 #45 Author

    Well I have to say that the prices are steep… But, we have to ask tho what would we pay individually for each band plus an opening act?(or two) plus this is an awesome stellar lineup. A rock fans dream. I’m gonna find a way to go. But at the end of the day I’m thinking that one of the biggest culprits here is the ridiculous BS “fees” on top of the tickets. And keep in mind that each band has busses and semis with equipment and drivers for each one plus a full crew and management as well as maybe a vocal coach or massage therapist plus the techs and pyro guys etc. It’s really a travelling movie set lol. A these ppl need paid outta that big ol pot of cash. N this time it’s x 4. Like Eddie Trunk says you vote with your wallet. Go if ya wanna. Stay home if you wanna.


    • Mark

      December 26, 2019 #46 Author

      each band alone cant fill stadiums, not close. these wont either w/o groupon


  • Jason Nielsen

    December 23, 2019 #47 Author

    Coming out of retirement after signing a contractual agreement that you were hanging it up, after ripping off fans last time swearing it would be the last time, the truth is I used to love all of these bands, but none of them have done anything worth noting in over 25 years, to me personally Dr. Feelgood was the last relevant contribution the Crue made, I understand the amount of drugs they did was legendary, but I think they’ve fried a few brain cells too many.


  • Kelly Bode

    December 23, 2019 #48 Author

    I’m ticked!I really wanted to go to concert with my son.The prices of tickets are not for the average person.You should be doing the concert for fans.I realize you should get payed.Come on.i l go to a concert to see the band.Not just hear them.


    • R

      December 24, 2019 #49 Author

      Oh, come on and be serious. Mötley don’t care one iota for their fans. This has been planned out for years.

      That’s why their “agreement” had just the lyrics to Bitter Pill on it. Nikki abandoned his own kids…why on Earth would he care about Mötley’s fans?


  • Dena Grundseth

    December 24, 2019 #50 Author

    I’ve also seen “Crue” a few times as well as “def Leppard,” and “poison.”. I be dang if I pay 500 dollars and that doesn’t include parking. How much you charging for a bottle of water???


  • Rik

    December 24, 2019 #51 Author

    Funny how Crue had to do a final tour to sell tickets,Crue fest was a this? Crazy prices to see wild side on YouTube in Brazil that’s what you will be hearing.


  • Amber

    December 24, 2019 #52 Author

    Saw them on their final tour 4 times and even went to LA to see them close the chapter. My joke then was that Vince only sang the nouns: “Wolf… lonely… night… bloodstain… Sta-a-age!” For those prices, he’d better brush up on the songs he’s been singing for only nearly forty years…


  • Viviansucks

    December 24, 2019 #53 Author

    Seriously people, you’re paying for 3 acts lol, If anything these tickets are a deal. You’re all a bunch of cheap asses!


  • Patty Danner

    December 24, 2019 #54 Author

    Ok Crue. Knock if off. U guys are some of the B.E.S.T. but with that being said…first time I saw u I believe my ticket was 25$ and I was in first row of stairs at Civic Center in Peoria IL.
    And then I only paid I believe 35$ for the VERY FIRST FARM AID. I was on the football field in Champaign Illinois to see first time Hagar performed with Van Halen,Neil Young,BB King and Lucille.,Willie Nelson and the list goes on. Check yourselves guys. It’s the fans that keep your career going and someone is trying to rape them…jus sayin


    • Tim

      December 24, 2019 #55 Author

      They saw GN’R do it super-successfully with those same prices, so their just trying to cash in on the hot nostalgia going round right now. 🤘


  • Michael Zepp

    December 24, 2019 #56 Author

    Ain’t no band worth that kind of money, except the original Zeppelin, and none of these guys are even close to being that good, except in their own minds


  • David

    December 24, 2019 #57 Author

    They hot big heads from that shitty netflix film. Now they think they can command huge ticket prices. I’m sure a bit will sell but not no full sell out venues at those prices. It’s just not worth it. Motley crue is not a good band their music was never that good.


  • Christopher M Jensen

    December 24, 2019 #58 Author

    Dayum! My Led Zeppelin tickets in 1975 and 1977 at the LA Forum were only $7.50 & $9.50 each. And both shows they played for over 3.5 hours. I’m gonna pass on the Crue / Leppard stadim gig.


  • Renee Sipes

    December 24, 2019 #59 Author

    What I don’t understand is why are the concerts selling out in record time if the prices are so high? It seems silly for every one to pay the huge prices and then complain about the price


  • Mike

    December 24, 2019 #60 Author

    I guess hair dye is really expensive


    • Adam

      December 24, 2019 #61 Author

      Wanted to take my 15 year old kid to see this show , the rap crap kids listen to now a days sucks , but 220 4 a ticket in Chicago.? Looks like it’s not happening


  • D. Hall

    December 24, 2019 #62 Author

    If I pay that much for any show, I’m going to expect Yngwie to give me a one on one jam and then go bang his wife. Geez.


    • Sean Osborne

      December 25, 2019 #63 Author

      For as messed up as Vince gets on stage I wouldn’t pay anything to see them. The last time I did the crowd sang songs while Vince stumbled around stage making up lyrics he could barely mumble.


  • janetMcB

    December 24, 2019 #64 Author

    I also love putting Tix on sale 2 weeks before Christmas. Because we all know the common person doesn’t struggle financially around the holidays (insert sarcasm)
    I’ve seen Def Lep 33 times and never thought I’d be sitting this one out.


  • joe boy

    December 24, 2019 #65 Author



  • Adam

    December 24, 2019 #66 Author

    Wanted to take my 15 year old kid to see this show , the rap crap kids listen to now a days sucks , but 220 4 a ticket in Chicago.? Looks like it’s not happening


  • Eric

    December 24, 2019 #67 Author

    We bought our tickets several hours after they went on sale for wrigley field. Total cost $150. Many seats cheaper than that. Excluding meet and greats highest ticket price on the field in front few rows was $209 excluding fees. Ticket resellers are the ones jacking up the prices


  • Barry Bray

    December 24, 2019 #68 Author

    Yes it’s 4 bands, but what people are not realizing is the performer’s are considerably older now and the venue is not some small arena. It’s a 100k seat stadium so in my opinion ticket prices should be less than a c- note. Ticket Master gouges to much in my opinion as well !!!!


  • Ss

    December 24, 2019 #69 Author

    Quit your whining, this is 4 concerts in one show! between equipment changes, and band changes, your looking at 6-7hr show! (JJ, poison, Def Leppard, and the crew, which is how they should go on, crew can really close out a show on a high note, but it will probably be DL)
    It will be like a monster jam show in the late 70’s, where it was an event, all day party, not just a show. Should be awesome, wrigley will be rocking , inside and out. Divide price by 4, that’s the price per show, it’s cheap


  • Sooner

    December 24, 2019 #70 Author

    The problem isn’t the bands it is all the fees that are tacked on by Ticketmaster and all of their owner subsidiaries. They are adding over 1/3 again the price to the ticket for what? Concerts used to be great inexpensive entertainment but all of these companies that leach on have pushed it out of the reach of the very demographics that made concerts popular in the first place. I remember seeing Motley Crue and Cinderella in the late 80’s and the price was $30. My wife was going to get tickets to see this tour but it was almost $500 when all the fees were added. I’ve seen the Crue over a dozen times but will sit this one out.


  • Chris

    December 24, 2019 #71 Author

    I’m very disappointed that I don’t see any Canadian dates. I couldn’t care less about some of the band touring on this tour but i will admit I have always been a Motley Crüe fan. If I don’t see any changes when the tour is over and they decided to leave Canada out of playing here , all respect will be lost for them. Canada has made them very rich so maybe they need to think of that before they decide if they will tour here or not. Don’t take the money and run cause that’s exactly what you will show us if you decided not to play in Canada. Of course it’s a money grabber it they wouldn’t be doing it. Don’t forget who got you here.


    • Sean Osborne

      December 25, 2019 #72 Author

      For as messed up as Vince gets on stage I wouldn’t pay anything to see them. The last time I did the crowd sang songs while Vince stumbled around stage making up lyrics he could barely mumble.


  • Allen Elkins

    December 24, 2019 #73 Author

    Too funny, it just proves what they think about their fans, I think it’s just one of those deals where they think let’s just charge outrageous prices for our tickets, you know, one last time to make as much money as we can, because we’ll never be able to do this again, screw the fans, they’ll pay. Hopefully people with a brain, will say screw them,. A bunch of of has been jerkoffs, just dont go, it’s almost as bad as paying a bunch of money to see a movie and it ends up sucking, well too late, they have your money and you get what you get. Their time came and went dont get suckered.


  • Slydog

    December 25, 2019 #74 Author

    I may have paid a couple hundred dollars to see crue back in the day but to pay this much now to see this washed up bandl nowadays is a fucking joke!


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