The concert promoter MCD was warned by the advertising watchdog for not offering a “reasonable” number of its lowest-priced tickets on their site.

According to 98FM, a customer complained that all the cheap tickets for a show at Ireland’s 3Arena were sold out, although they were originally advertised “from €51.” When the customer tried to purchase seats, only the higher-priced tickets were available. She told the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland that the ad was misleading.

MCD noted that prices vary depending on the seat’s location, and many promoters use a starting point when selling tickets at a low price. They argued that the ad stated the seat’s “from” price and there were only a limited number of these cheaper seats available. While ASAI agreed with the customer, calling the ad “misleading,” MCD said that the ad was not “a concious effort to mislead the public into purchasing tickets.” The promoter denied to confirm how many tickets were available for €51.

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The ASAI has warned all concert promoters that there should be a “reasonable” number of tickets available for the lowest advertised price.

According to the ASAI, “good advertising” means that marketing communications should be legal, decent, honest, and truthful, while also prepared with a sense of responsibility to the consumer and society. Additionally, marketing communications should “conform to the principles of fair competition as generally accepted in business.”

Last Updated on December 20, 2019

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