When tours head on sale, some artists have to take a risk on attendance, which could potentially lead to them losing money. The touring platform RoadNation has been designed to help artists tour smarter and more efficiently.

RoadNation has developed a “direct to fan” touring platform that allows fans to choose the cities they’d like to see an artist visit. The platform, which “empowers creators and fans,” enables artists to sell packages of tickets and merchandise in advance of their concerts and lets fans have the opportunity to promote the gigs as well. This tactic, similar to concert-crowdfunding, only confirms shows once the artist has hit their financial target.

Fans and artists have the opportunity to build tours together through enabling fans to choose locations, generating revenue ahead of the tour, and building momentum with highly-engaged fans.

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“Like never before, the music business is driven from the ground up and it’s become essential for creators to engage directly with fans,” Steven Marks, the company’s CEO, said in a press release. “Our direct artist-to-fan platform democratizes touring while helping managers, agents and venues optimize revenue and mitigate risk. The result is more shows and more fan engagement. I’m incredibly gratified by the success we have experienced so far and excited about the new partnerships in the pipeline.”

Marks previously worked as the RIAA chief of digital business. He started the business with advisers like Dave Stewart and Greg Richling, as well as industry professionals Jordan Berliant, Kevin Conroy, Fred McIntrye, Vickie Nauman, Adam Parness, and David Renzer. Artists like Dead End Kids, Ten, and Fairground Saints have taken advantage of the service before, with more musicians jumping set to test it in 2020, including Perpetual Groove, Ships Have Sailed, and Dave Yaden.

“RoadNation has given me a unique opportunity that the current touring system does not offer,” Ten said in a statement. “Now I can concentrate on spreading my art without.”

For more information, visit RoadNation’s website.