The MLB’s highly-acclaimed New York Yankees announced a partnership with the ticket provider Broadway Inbound this week in an attempt to grow their presence in the world of travel agents and tourism.

Now, home game tickets will be available through the Shubert Organization-owned company Broadway Inbound, which works with online travel agents, tour operators, group ticket buyers, and other travel industry distribution partners across the globe. The partnership allows Broadway Inbound to expand its traditional New York Theatre tickets into pro sports, allowing out-of-state tourists to plan trips around New York while attending a baseball game.

The Yankees are interested in expanding the team’s presence overseas and gain exposure with traveling sports fans. Broadway Inbound’s global relationships will help the team garner attention around the world, bringing in a high-volume of single-game tickets for out-of-town buyers. Bob Hofmann, Broadway Inbound’s vice president, noted in a press release that the company is looking forward to expanding its relationships with not only the Yankees, but all New York’s sports teams “as we grow Broadway Inbound into the go-resource for all New York City experiences.”

While the Yankees still bring in a strong fan base at each game – and scored a spot at the American League Championship Series this year followed by a 100-win season – overall baseball attendance has been lacking. The club reportedly fell in attendance five percent, with 3.3 million attending games this year. The partnership could give the team an opportunity to fill more seats in 2020.

“We think there’s a big untapped market for us in the travel space,” Yankees senior vice president of strategic ventures Marty Greenspun said in the release. “We’re just at the beginning of this, but it has a lot of potential.”

Those in Broadway Inbound’s network seeking tickets will be able to buy tickets at pre-arranged prices.