The ticketing platform SecuTix has announced the acquisition of the SaaS ticketing software Oxynade this week, complementing its portfolio of solutions and services.

Through the acquisition, SecuTix will be able to serve its high-scale ticketing clients with demanding operations, while also taking care of smaller and mid-size ticketing organizations that might need more assistance with fast-paced changes. The European developer is a cloud-based platform for white-label ticketing and audience management, with headquarters in Paris, Madrid, London, Miami, and Munich. SecuTix operates in the arts field, working with museums, festivals, sports clubs, and tournaments.

Frederic Longatte, SecuTix’s CEO, said in a press release that he’s delighted to add Oxynade to their portfolio.

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“The combination of SecuTix 360 and the Oxynade eTaaS product provides a compelling and innovative set of solutions to smaller and mid-size clients across multiple verticals,” Longatte said, noting that it will also expand the company’s footprint geologically and serve its clients in Northern Europe more successfully.

Oxynade, located in Blegium, is fully API based and was created to free smaller and medium-sized ticketing business from typical restraints, working to serve a variety of customers like ticketing agencies, arenas, and sports events. CEO and Founder Hans Nissens said that the company is pleased to join the SecuTix family and believes their eTaaS technology and self-service offering are “highly complementary to SecuTix’s vision of establishing a new generation of ticketing solutions.”

“There are significant opportunities for SecuTix and Oxynade to achieve exponential growth by answering the industry needs at all levels and throughout multiple verticals on a global scale,” Nissens said.