Globe Life Field, the new home to the Texas Rangers™ beginning in 2020, has been optimized to improve the experience of season ticket holders using 3D technology., through its innovative Registered Developer Program, has partnered with 3D Digital Venue™ to bring 3D design technology to the online sales experience for the Rangers.

At inception, Globe Life Field was designed with aspirations to be a state-of-the-art venue for Rangers fans and Major League Baseball. 3D Digital Venue, worked on this ambitious endeavour using architectural 3D modeling and virtual reality to create the ideal construction plan for the team’s new ballpark. As part of an overall commitment to utilize advanced technologies, 3D visualization was utilized to resolve potential issues with restricted seat views and undetected design spots, allowing the Rangers to perfect seat positioning at an early stage of development.

3D Digital Venue uses technology to analyze and understand an accurate seat view. This technology improved the design for Globe Life Field by adjusting the seat placement for season ticket holders in order to maximize views and enhance the overall experience. and 3D Digital Venue have partnered to apply this 3D design technology to ticketing, optimizing the experience for patrons purchasing tickets online via the MyProVenue interface.

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The 3D Digital Venue platform uses video-game engines to generate a 3D virtual reality representation of a venue, as well as a 360° view from each seat. The seat selection journey starts with a bird’s eye view of the venue, where the user is able to pick a seating section. Once a section is selected, MyProVenue displays one or more seat tiles containing pricing details, as well as an icon for displaying a 3D view from the selected seat. The 360° seat view provides venues with increased visibility of the property, the ability to sell premium areas and provide powerful information to share with performers.

3D Digital Venue is a member of the Registered Developer Program. “Through the support within Registered Development Program at,” explains Lluis Pascual, CMO at 3D Digital Venue™, “we have solved issues and are delivering the best experience possible.”

The Registered Developer Program at benefits both venues and third-party solution providers. Developers access the tools necessary to seamlessly integrate their technology with the ProVenue® platform. The program’s REST-based APIs provide partners with real-time access to critical data, helping them continuously innovate ticketing solutions.

Pascual added that client relations have improved as well. “Being part of the Registered Developer Program has helped us to have a deeper understanding of client needs and have a strong relationship with them.”

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