Buffalo Bills fans will have to pay slightly more to catch the team in action this coming season. The Bills organization announced increases in both game tickets and parking passes at varying degrees.

Certain ticket categories will see as little as a $1 increase, while others will now cost up to $13 more. The price change accounts to an overall average increase of 4.6 percent, taking the average cost from $89.56 per ticket to $93.67. Despite the jump, Bills tickets will be among the most affordable in the NFL. They are projected to be among a select few organizations priced under $100 – a fact that team officials were aware of ahead of rolling out the new pricing structure.

“I think the organization is happy to do that. I think we understand the size of our stadium,” Bills VP of ticket sales and service Chris Colleary shared with Buffalo News. “We have a lot of volume to fill and we have to be price sensitive to do that.”

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Season ticket holders will not only experience the price increase in their game tickets but for season parking as well, which is slated to increase either $2 or $5 per game, depending on lot category. That pool of buyers also saw an increase of roughly 2 percent ahead of the 2019 season.

The dual price move comes after a successful 10-6 season which saw the Bills reach the playoffs for the second time in three years. Other NFL teams have already begun introducing their pricing structures for the 2020 season largely based on team and attendance performances in 2019. Unlike Buffalo, the Denver Broncos recently revealed their 2020 ticket prices will remain the same after four consecutive seasons of missed playoff opportunities.

“The upcoming season brings many reasons for excitement – steps taken this season are only the beginning,” Colleary wrote in a statement sent to Bills season ticket holders. “This team will continue to be built for long-term success, and the next chapter has already begun.