TodayTix has acquired UK-based company Encore to expand their global reach, particularly across the theater world. The move gives TodayTix a competitive edge in London’s West End ticketing after years of rapid growth in Broadway sales.

“From day one, TodayTix has been all about accessibility; we believe that when theatres are full, creators, communities and audiences thrive,” TodayTix co-founder and CEO Brian Fenty said in a statement. “The acquisition of Encore will form an unprecedented ecosystem in which producers and audiences can connect, increasing their insight and heightening the ticket-buying experience, furthering our brand promise of bringing the highest quality of serve to theatre ticketing.”

London-based Encore has grown to control much of the West End ticketing platform since its founding in 2000. In that time, Encore’s multiple distribution channels are said to have sold up to one billion British pounds in tickets. Meanwhile, TodayTix has come to be one of the leaders of Broadway ticketing since launching in 2013. Its New York operation is said to have sold nearly six million Broadway tickets to date.

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“By acquiring Encore, TodayTix renews its commitment to the West End, while continuing to focus on innovation and ensuring that theatre is accessible for everyone,” said TodayTix co-founder and President Merritt Baer. “Our team is thrilled to provide thousands of new opportunities for TodayTix theatrical partners to promote and sell tickets to millions of new customers on both sides of the Atlantic – in addition to in our other regional markets.”

Encore CEO Joe Steele shared similar sentiments, calling the deal “an exciting moment.” He added that the merging will be invaluable for distributing tickets for “the best of West End, Broadway and live entertainment experiences internationally.”

The acquisition comes less than a year after TodayTix was granted a multi-million dollar investment from private equity firm Great Hill Partners to focus on further growth and development.

TodayTix previously began operating in the UK in 2015 to fast results among West End ticket sales. The company’s bi-continental influence is roughly eight percent of combined Broadway and West End theater ticket sales.